It's me!

It's me!

Self Introduction

Hi Everyone ! I'm Akimi .

Recently I feel very cold . I am not accustomed to the cold weather of Morioka because last spring I came here  from Tochigi  prefecture and now I have lived alone .In  Iwate university , I belong to the Shoringi-kempo club and the volleyball club . We exercise after school and Sundays .

I usually study at Fujii laboratory in Japanese sub-course but I want to study English more and more and tell children fun of studying English in the future so I study English with you!

My Development Goals(February 14,2016)

My ultimate goal of this class is to come to think how to make nice English class .I want to come to think what kind of teaching material  and how to teach do they be suitable for students to study .

My sub-goals

  1.  I wrestle in cooperation with classmates by preparations to teach it at the Nakano elementary school positively .On the day , I can't go and teach at Nakano elementary school because of the care training but I want to assist classmates as classmates can teach the best .
  2.  I read some books written in English.
  3. I go over English words and idiom with word book that I had been using for a long time.I have to study English more and more and regain English grammar and word that I have forgotten and never known.

I had many meeting with Nakano group to make lesson plan. Chika has taught English to 6-1 students through ETM1 class so we asked her their mood of learning English and designed how to teach for them.

I would read some books written in English in half a year. In fact, I read only one The Great Blue Younder written by Alex Shearer. This book has some unknown words so I read it with dictionary but I came to read English more smoothly and gained vocabulary.

I think I can gain teching philosophy and English skills through through a year.

My Teaching Philosophy(February 14,2016)

I think that the purpose to teach English vries among learners .The purposes to teach English to elementary school students are to let children get used to English  and to let them experience foreign culture for example the western music and  the simple English literature so when we study English with elementary school students , it is important to enjoy class than speaking  and writing English definitely. On the other hand it is important for making a pleasant class , but must make much of the right English grammar and pronunciation when we teach junior high students English.

I have new teaching philosphies through this class. First we should have many times to prepare for class beforehand. We also imagine a lot of patterns to teach English. Because we don't know student's motivations for studying it without meeting real students not to our image. And  we have to choose an appropriate way of teaching foe them from some ways we imagined to go to the classroom and see them on that day.

My Development in 2014 - 2015

My critical incident of this class is to learn education method and class-style while imagining it concretely how I really develop a class in front of students.We had a lesson for 6-1 at Nakano elementary school. The goal of this class was what students can communicate with their friends or anyone who are in trouble with saying "Turn right !". I wrote how we responded to the incidents as a solution.

First we used a lot of words to praise students anytime to give students own confidences of their English skill because they were shy about talking in English.

Next we reviewed this class in the last 10 minutes. For example we confirmed the meaning of words that we learned in this class and practiced those pronunciation , Suddenly, Silly me, Turn right... After that we read story again and we returned desks and chairs as before class in last 2 minutes. Then the time distribution was just right.

Next after reading 1 page in English, we told its rough meaning in Japanese when we read the book because we noticed that students were in trouble.After all students couldn't understand all of the content of it but I think they could be fan.