Self Introduction

Hello. My name is Ayaka. I am from Natori, Miyagi. I like to draw illustrations. I can't draw well but sometimes I feel I want to draw. I also like to listen to sound tracks of Studio Ghibli's movies. I like making something small such as key holder. Recently I started studying Chinese because I want to talk with my friend in Taiwan. I'm interested in languages.

My Teaching Philosophy(October 15, 2015→August 4, 2016)

I think English is learned by students practically. In Japan, students learn reading, writing and listening in English class but they don't learn speaking. Maybe Some students feel it is boring. As a result, students can answer in paper test but they can't express their own opnion in English. English should be taught so that students can study and use English delightfully. It is important to keep using English during the class and give them chance to speak English. Because it will help students try to listen to what teacher is saying. Also it will be a good training for students to listen and use English in the class. English class should be instructive for students. I think it is also important to simulate lessons not only from teacher's side but also from studen't side because I always think what "I" should do in the lesson but I don't think what "students" need to learn. Teachers must prepare the lessons with simulating from both sides.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

It was my first time to teach in school so planning how to teach was difficult. I think Teaching skills have developed through teaching class at ES. Finding an appropriate way to teach is difficult but knowing what students need will help me to plan. 

Critical Incident 1 (Title):I used a game in the class but the arrangement of students' desks in class room was different from what I had expected so it upset me. I learned it is important to know the environmrent which I will teach in and  I should plan how to teach with considering what students know and don't know.

Critical Incident 2: I taught the expressions related to time and I asked students to practice in a group. I used the pictures that show expressions such as 'get up', 'go to school' and put them on the black board. At first, I was going to put them away before an activity but I forgot to do that. But students looked at the pictures and review the expressions when they were doing activities. I learned that using pictures help students understand well. 

Critical Incident 3: This time's lesson was about polite expressions such as "May I~?", "Shall I~?", "Would you~?" I upset because students didn't answer than I had expected. I was sure that students would understand well and answer to my question actively. I must prepare how I put questions to the students. And there a gap between students' understanding and my instruction so some of the students didn't understand what they should do. Instructions should be clear so that students can understand what they are supposed to do.

My Development Goals(October 29, 2015→February 12, 2016)

My ultimate goal is to be able to have my own thought about English education through experiences which I will get in this class. To accomplish this I set three sub-goals.

1. I should know about English education of Japan. I should know about present situation as a student who wants to be an English teacher and it will help me to make my own thought. I can learn present situation in the lesson at school and I also can think about how I make good lesson.

2. I should have a broad outlook. Listening to others speaking carefully will help me to broaden my outlook because I can get many opinions.

3. I shoud not be influenced by other people. There are many opinions and I sometimes compare with them. But it is important to try not to change my own thought easily by comparing with others. And also don't be ashamed of my opinion is important.