Self Introduction

 My name is Ayano Tsushima. I was born and raised in Misawa, Aomori. My family members include my father, mother, a younger sister and me. My family lives in Misawa, so I live alone in Morioka.

 I have two hobbies. First, I like listening to music and playing the musical instruments. I went to the piano lesson for ten years, and I was brass band club for six years from a junior high school student to a high school student. I played the clarinet in the club. I can play the piano and clarinet. I love music. Second, I like watching movies. My favorite movie is "Harry Potter". I want to go USJ and enjoy playing attractions!

Teaching in Nakano ES (Dec 1,2015)

My Development Goals (October 16, 2015 → October, 2016)

 My ultimate goal is  to learn how to teach Engrish easy to understand. To accomplish this I should:

1. Gain own English knowledge for teaching in the class

  • Teachers need the knowledge to teach students, so I have to need knowledge of English. ETM members know English than me. So, I want to ask them positively and I gain the knowledge to teach students.
  • I think that fluency is important than accuracy. However, teacher should use correct English. 

2. Gain the communication ability

  • When I teach in class, I have to communicate with students. Teachers need commication skill to be able to use in class. I want to communicate with friends and students in ETM4.
3. Learn about activities that I can use at ES and JHS
  • In ETM1, I learned many activities. Students like some activities, so I want to learn many activities. In ETM2, I learned many activities, too. I learned that if I know many activities, I should use the activities properly to the situation. I want to learn different activities in ETM3. In ETM3, I learned it is important to make the cleary rule of  activities. In
4.Learn a way to analyze student's needs and change the class accordingly
  • In class, teachers need to grasp the situation and deal effectively with critical incidents. I want to learn how to do depending on the cir cumstances.
5. Accustom to teach English in class
  • When I teach English, I'm very nervous. I practice many times in ETM, and I accustom to teach English in class. In ETM2, I was very nervous, too. However, it is the second time for me to teach English in Nakano ES. So, I could relax this time than the first time. I want to accustom to teach English in ETM3 than now. In ETM3, I was very nervous, too. However, I could analyze student's needs than the first time and second time. So, in ETM4, I want to accustom to teach English in class than now.  In ETM4, I planed the original English lesson plan by myself. I'm familiar with planning to the class.  


My Development in 2014 - 2016

 In my development goals, I wrote about the kind of skills that I want to learn in ETM2. I want to experience many critical incidents in class. When I become teacher, I want to make use of experience.

Critical Incident 1: CI report in Nakano Elementary School  (July 8, 2015)

 The aim in this class was to know the name of many buildings. We decided the goal of this class. It is simple that to remember the name of many buildings and to be able to say it in English. Consequently, we planned to do about four things.We planed to take 40 minutes in this class. There were little incidents we didn't plan but happened in class.  However there were two incidents. I learned that it was important for adaptation to circumstances to do.

Critical Incident 2: CI report in Nakano Elementary School (Dec 1, 2015)

  The aim in this class was "Let's know how to speak the day and subjects in English!" We decided the goal fo this class. It is easy that to know the name of the day and subjects in English. We planned to do three things. There  were 2 big incidents and  some little incidents in class. However I could think solutions with members. I learned that teachers have to make the chance to speake and listen English many times.

Critical Incident 3: CI report in Fuzoku Junior High School (July 12, 2016)

 The aim in this class was "Let's shop in English!" We planned four steps in this class to accomplish the goal. 4 steps are introduction, pair work, freer activity and reflection. There were two big incidents and some litle incidents in class. However, we could solve the probrems in class. I learned that it is important to know the English ability of students. 

Critical Incident 4 : CI report in Fuzoku Elementary School (Teaching Practice)

 I did teaching practice about one month at Fuzoku elementary school. I teached 6th grade. In this teaching practice, I had ten classes. I did the classes of Japanese, mathmatics, science, social studies, morality, physical education, music, arts and homemaking course. In this teaching practice, there were 2 complications. I learned that it is important to make the class for students.

My Teaching Philosophy (October 16, 2015 →October, 2016)

 I think that there are six important points when teachers teach English. In ETM2, I learned many things. However, I couldn't achive this teaching philosophy. So, I want to aim this teaching philosophy in ETM3.  In ETM3 and ETM4, I learned new point when I teach English.

 First, English teachers have to be able to analyze students ' needs and change the class accordingly. We need to know about the ability of learners, and deal with critical incidents in every class. And, we should make the class to suitable for the each classes.

 Second, we have to make suitable tasks or teaching materials for learners. Teachers need to consider what I should do for learners. And, we need to notice the necessary situation of the support.

 Third, we have to have knowledge and techniques for teaching the four skills about reading, writing, speaking and listening.  There are many ways to teach four skills of English. So we need to study how to teach four skills.

 Fourth, we have to make the chance to speake, listen, read and writing English for students. It is really important to experience.

 Fifth, we have to understand the English ability of students. If I don't understand the ability, I couldn't make a class sutiable for students.

 Sixth, we have to think about valance of English and Japanese use frequency.  This is helps students understand English.