Self Introduction

  Hello everyone my name is Chiaki Arasawa. I was born and grew up in Iwate. I have lived in Iwate since I was born. I 'm interested in foreign country. I like talking with foreign people very much. I had been to America when I was junior high school student. Then I became interested in foreign countries and people.  I study this class to be an English teacher. I want to be a good English teacher at junior high school.

 Iwent to Boston last march. It was very good opportunity for me to study English. If I have a chance to go Foreign country, I want to go there and study language and culture.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

  First, my denelopping I knew that to understand figure of student was important. When we prepared the class, we always considered our class plan with the look of children. We built a plan our class to get the children to introduce theirselves each other but we thought it was not interesting, so we changed our activety into Karuta. At the class students enjoyed our activety and gave us bright smile. Conducting classes on time is not easy but neccesary. Next timr, Iwant to get our activety more enjoyable and conduct our class on time.

  We wanted to Nakano elementary school students to speak about what they like in English. This is our goal in the class. “I like~” was our main theme

  First, we were going to give name cards to students and we were going to introduce ourselves, our name, what we like in five minutes. Next we were going to teach the words in a book Hats such as, cool hats nice hats and so on.  Next,we were going to play English karuta. After that we were going to have them speak about what they like in the groups in English in fifteen minutes.

  When we read the students the story, first time they repeated our parts. So we said to them “please repeat our parts more loudly”. Then they repeated them more loudly. While we read students the story, their face looked like boring. Therefore we asked “Did you understand this story?” and they answered “No”. So we explain the story in Japanese. I thought this was one of the reasons why they could repeat our parts more loudly. At the last we didn’t not only tell our impression of class, but also we had the students review the class because of remaining the class time. Then they wanted to speak about what they like in English. They looked so happy.

 We conduct second English activity at Nakano elementary school. Our activity’s objective was that Nakano elementary school students became to be able to know how to say date and subject in English. We were informed the students could say date in English before teaching there. So we decided to prepare the song about date “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday~” We thought that the students might be nervous. Singing a song made them relax. We planned singing a song at the first in our activity. Next activity was making an original time schedule. Perhaps they had never learned how to say subjects in English. We thought that it was effective to learn new words with actions like gestures. We prepared picture cards and gestures. When we practiced new words, we used them.

 When we make an original schedule, we made some mistakes. We distributed wrong cards to the students. It made them confused. This experience has told me how to solve the problems we have when we teach English. We have 45minutes in a class. We use the time efficiently.

   I taught Fuzoku junior high school students English. It was for the first time that I taught English at junior high school. So it was very nervous. My partner was Ryota. We taught our students English together. The target expression was “must” and “must not”. The situation we used was earthquake and movie-theater.   First, we did role-playing supposing we had evacuation drills. We wanted the students to expect the meaning of “must” and “must not”. Next, we checked meaning of new words and we practiced reading text book. And then, we did freer activity. We decided movie -theater as a situation. There were two people. They wanted to go to movie-theater. One person is familiar to movie-theater but the other is going to there for the first time. Last, we did free activity. We made them write down their house rule on a work seat and share it with their partner.   1 We expected that students wanted to express their answer activity but they were very shy. We should find the people who can express their answer. When there is no people who want to answer, we can call the student’s name and we made him or her express their answer.   2 We should use English and Japanese properly. When we wanted to do an activity, we need to make our students understand our activity. So we should use English and Japanese Properly.   3 Ad-lib, loud voice and smiling are very important. There are a various kinds of critical incidents during the class. Even critical incidents we have, we have to continue the class. So we need to ad-lib, loud voice and smiling. I think that these things will help us.     I had practical teaching at Kuroishino Junior High School during this summer. I am in charge of first grade. First grade students are very powerful. When I have English class, remembering student’s name helped me. When I taught English in other three classes, I was in trouble. For example, I couldn’t remember other classmate’s name. I didn’t know the students who are good at English. When I conduct class, it is Important to explain about the activity simply. I explained about the activity little complicated to students. They couldn’t conduct activity smooth.   It is very important to remember student’s name and know the student who are good at English. These things help us when we conduct class. To observe students is important. There are a lot of student at Junior High School. So it is not easy to remember all student’s name in short time. If we know the students who are good at English at least, it is very helpful.   I think that how to explain about activity is very important. If teacher try to do good activity, students unwilling to do it because of complicated explanation. So explanation should be simple and clearly. When activity is done smoothly, we can conduct class we had planned. 50 minutes is very short. It is important to do time management.                    

My Development Goals February 14 2016

  My ultimate goal is to be a teacher and change English education in Japan. The situation of English education in Japan forcus focuses on the ability of grammar, writing and reading but many people say Japanese are poor at speaking English and won't say their own opinion in front of public. We use language to communicate with others frequently, not to read or write. So at first we should grow ourselves for good communicater with studying English. I want to get my student to have great communication skill they never hesitate to use.

 I have a friend who lives in Tokyo. She is American. We often make contact with each other. She corrects my mistakes. It helps me learn correct grammar.

English is very important communication tool. We can communicate with foreigners using English. I want to students to unerstand the importance of English and the enjoyment of English.

I started helping foreign student. I can learn native English and I teach Japanese and culture. I want to speak English well so this is very good opportunity. I'll do my best.

  My sub-goal is to pass EIKEN grade pre 1 and take high score in the TOEIC. Aiso,I want to go abroad to study and improve my communication skill. I think that my communication skill is poor. I want to improve my cummunication skill more and more. Also, I want to know Enlish and forreign countries more.

 I want to pass EIKEN in this year. So I have to study hard. 

I want to get TOEIC high score. If I have a chane, I want to teach japanese foreign country.

My Teaching Philosophy February 14 2016

  I think English should be learned more pjractically by students in Japan. I think that Japanese children can't understand the  importance of learning English. I often hear"Learning English isn't important because i don't have opportunit to communicate with foreigners" they say. When we learn English, we always study it with textbook on chairs. So we can't communicate with foreigners.

  I think that we must study English more actively like discussing something and talking with others in English to improve their communication skill. We must change the way of thinking that we hesitate to speak English in front of public.

 I think that Japanese students have hardly chace to use English. We can speak Japanese fluently because we always speak it. When Japanese students speak English fluently, they become to like English more and more. Japanese students must have oppotunity to use English. I jouind "Enlish Camp". This is a program Gandai make up. Unvercity students and Junior high shcool students can join this program. During this program all participants must use only English. Like this program help them improve their English speaking skill and motivation.

 When I went to Boston, I felt Japanese people understand English Grammar. So we have a lot of chance to speak English, our speaking skill will be good. I think we need to opportunity to speak English.

  I had practice teaching during this summer. I found that it is very important to make lesson plan with all skill: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Some students are good at reading others are good at writing. Student's skill is different. So teacher should make lesson plan with all skills. It help students. Motivation is very important. I want to how to motivate students to want to study English.