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Picture title

Self Introduction(October.27.2015)→(February.12.2016)


My name is Hiroko Yusa. I’m from Miyagi prefecture. I like eating and singing.. Especially, I like sweets. I’m happy when I’m eating sweets. I’m member of the chorus club. This club activity is very busy but very interesting.

I want to be a elementary school teacher. In Japan, elementary students are taught English now. So, English ability is necessary for elementary school teacher. I haven’t good English skill. However, I make an effort to be a good elementary school teacher.

And I like talking with various people. Especially, I'm happy when I can talking with foreigners in English.  Recently, I can talking with foreigners without fear little by little. I think I'm afraid of failure, I'm never accomplish anything. So I actively used  English. I want to talking with many people regardless age or gender and hometown.

Nice to meet you.

My Development Goals(October.27.2015)→(February.12.2016)

My Ultimate goal is to be a elementary school teacher with good English skill. I think three sub-goals to fulfill my dream.

First,"Language proficiency". I became a parson with a positive character. I always hesitate to asking question or saying my opinion because I haven’t confidence. But, reserve is not lead growth. Second, “teaching skills”. I get teaching skills little by little through two practice in Nakano elementary school. I could get image that I become a teacher gradually. I study English not only grow my English skills but also teaching skills through my experience and classes. Third, “Identity”. Teacher’s identity is very important. I want to be a good teacher. Therefore, I get conscious of teachers life usually. I think always what I says and does. I increase the opportunity that thinking “If I were in teacher position.” I want to have specific image to I become a teacher.

Fuzoku JHS

○Critical incident

I went to Fuzoku JHS in July 12th. I taught 1A class, “Let’s talk”. The lesson was how to shopping in English. 1A’s member was Chika, Kento, and me. I had three critical incident.

First, we couldn’t time management well. Fuzoku JHS students were very active. Their reaction was fast. So our lesson plan advanced smoothly. We found time unmanageable. We play shopping game for long time. Students got tired gradually. However we didn’t think the situation, we were perplexed. I think we should devise more. For example, change pair, teach way to enjoy shopping. We should think the situation beforehand. We worry about just lack of time. And we didn’t enough practice the class through the whole. We practiced only part. I learned it is important to practice all of flow for teacher.

Second, when we played check the new words, we showed cards. It was written English spell and Japanese mean. We showed the cards and read, students repeat after this. However the way was old style. Mr. Yoshikado asked me “Why you choose this way?” We couldn’t answered. The reason was nothing. We play it, we did a thing about we took a class until now. Now, English class is continue changing. English class is not learn only grammar and spelling. It is difficult when we were JHS students. We should make many time that take communication, we should teach not only text book but also real situation. I repented about not enough study of English class at present.

Third, We couldn’t explanation about activity well. Because we taught 1year students but we use difficult words students don’t learn yet. I think it is important to predict some now words for students. However when we use difficult words, we should speak with exaggerated gesture and expression to students can understand. We use difficult words naturally students couldn’t understand. Students use Japanese with friends, confirmed contents. Some students confused and couldn’t play game well. I should learn new words with learn year.

I have many reflection points but I was enjoying this class. I felt doing class is exiting. Students smile made me happy. I felt I want to be a good teacher. So I don’t forget this class, I make effort to be a teacher.

My Teaching Philosophy(October.27.2015)→(February.12.2016)

Today, many countries are globalization. Various transportation are development by people, international exchange is very flourishing. English is the most famous language in the world.

Recently, I  have more opportunities to see the foreigners. Most of them, speak in English. I have experience that asked the way or time to them. When I could  reply well, I was very happy.  I feel that English skill is very important for not only people to work in foreign countries, but also people in Japan.

In elementary school, most students like active of foreign language. But in junior high school, English is disliked by many students. I think it is problem. In elementary school, just enjoy English, in junior high school, teacher teach grammar, pronunciation, and many words all of a sudden. Of course the purpose is different between elementary school and junior high school. However I think we should ideas that connect to two schools. I don’t think no relation two school. I don’t have concrete idea. So I want to get it through classes and people.  This is a test, by James

My Development in 2014 - 2016(February.12)

I developed three skills in ETM2.

First, I developed a skill of planning. In ETM2, we had a little time until we went to Nakano elementary school. The class of every time was very important. We must increase working efficiency. So, I made effort to draw up a good plan. And   I have a experience in last year,  I have same class, So we get a skills of think class's plan fast with good quality.

Second, I developed communicative competence skill in English. The student practice teaching in Nakano elementaryschool, very kind. I got very nervous when my opinion was requested. I was used to speaking in public little by little.

Third, I developed a skill of action. In the Nakano elementary school, we were demanded a skill of action. We must deal with every situation flexibly. We were required thinking and deciding quickly. I learned it is important to think calmly when we encounter an unexpected situation.