No pain,no gain

No pain,no gain

Self Introduction

I'm Ikuya Kudou. I'm  from Hachinohe, Aomori. My city is famous for a squid and Nanbu senbei.

I love dogs.  They are very cute and I had a dream of dogs today. I love sports, too. I belong to an American football club. I am not good at playing football but senior members are very good players. I respect them.

Thank you.

My Development Goals

My ultimate goal is to let students realized English is very fun, exciting, wonderful, and useful.

To accomplish this, I study English more and touch their culture.

I'm not good at writing English so I learn it more and I'm not used to communicate with foreigner. I think understanding American or English  culture is helping me to teach English.

My Teaching Philosophy

I think it's impotant to use English many times and we forget memory if we don't realize to use language.  In addition, students do not get used to talk with foreigners so they  should learn how to communicate with foreigners.This is why, teachers should let student learned  communication skills  involving language activity that we want to learn them. On the other hand, I have to study and learn English. I can not teach things that I don't understand.

My Development in 2014 - 2015

I teached English  in 6 glade. Our main goal is that students are able to say "Turn right!" when friends or someone in nearly hitting a car. Secondly goal is understanding  a picture book,"Suddenly". This activity does not work at  all. First factor is we did not practice many times. Second, we did not expect that students couldn't read English so we wrote sentences on blackboard but they could not understand what written.   I think students enjoyed "Turn right!" activity because we understood English with using our bodies to express our  thoughts. On the other hand, reading picture book activity was very very very bored for students because they couldn't understand what written on it and what we said. So we have to understand their English levels and adjust them. We should gaze their attitude toword and react our class.