My nephew and me

My nephew and me

Self Introduction

Hello everyone! I'm Konomi Hasigae. I'm from Miyagi it placed south than Morioka.

I have lived Miyagi for 18 years and lived here since last year.

When I was a high school student,I was a member of chorus club. So, I really like singing and I often go to karaoke with my friends.Also,I like traveling.In December31,2015,I went to Osaka with my friend.And I will go to Tokyo,Osaka and Yokohama in 2016.I 'm looking forwared to go there!

I take ETM2 because I want to teach English to Japanese students. When I was a junior high school student, I went to Minnesota in USA. Then I was interested in English. So, I want to teach enjoyment of English.

My Teaching Philosophy(October9,2015-July20,2016)

I think English teachers should teach enjoyment of English to there students. I think English class is not only learning English grammar and knowledge time but also English activity time. I think funny activity interests Japanese students and they can learn many uses of English from it.

Also, I think students should teach English each other. If students teach to there friends,they can arrange there thinking and knowledge. So, they will be able to develop there English skill.

I think English class should be helpful for students' future. Today,Japan is demanding much higher English skills from Japanese people. So, in English class, students should learn more practical English.

Teaching Philosophy(February13 2016) I think planning English class clearly is important. Planing English class clearly means thinking way of the introduction,effective activity arrange and way of puttig out conclusion.First,I can do something what is conncented with the calss’s contents.Second,I can plan effective activity what students can speaking,reading and listening English.At last,I can plan that vary way of putting out conclusion.For example,read the script,charenge the print and announce the comversation with partner and so on.I think it can help students’ understanding.

Teaching Philosophy(July20 2016)

 We should not only be used English a lot but also give the chances to use English to the students equally. I think teacher should give the chance to use English to the students equally, and grow up the students to use English with no hints. So, we have to plan the lesson that all students can participate and use English enough.

My Development Goals(October9,2015-February13,2016)

My Ultimate goal is to be able to make practical and interesting English class. I want to teach enjoyment of English to Japanese students.I think Japan is demanding much higher English skills for children. So, I'd like to learn about English teaching method more deeply.

  1. Learning how to make English class in ETM2. I need to learn about practical method to make more better English class.I want to learn about how to make interest English class and try to teach English to student.Also, I'd like to be gave many chances of teaching English .
  2. Try to solve various problem actively.Now,I don't have enough English knowledge to become English teacher. So, I want to try to solve various problem with my classmates. I think I can obtain many English knowledge from there.
My Development Goals(February13 2016) a)I have learned planning English class more effective in ETM2.For example,I had be able to think English class destribute 3 parts what are introduce,activity and conclusion.Also,I learned that teachres should use many English words.Befor  NakanoE.S.,I had thought using many English is too difficult for students,but Nakano’s teacher said to me using many English word to teach vary English words to students.So,I found that using many English can give many chances to touch English for students. b)I want to improve planning class skill.Becase when I teached Nakano class,I couldn’t give any idia of activity.So,I should learn many pattern of activity.In ETM3,I will learn many activity,for example,listening,reading writing and speaking activity.To learn that skill,I want to be given many chances to teach.

My development Goals(July20 2016)

In ETM3,we learned about how to constitution and deepen the class.Also,  I did the FuzokuJHS class.Through these experienxes,I think that I would like to be the teacher who can make the class all the students participate equally.So, I want to learn more real English class and want to see the students' reaction.This summer we have good chances for it.So,I will see and affect student agaressively, and do the some class by myself.

My Development in 2015-2016

In ETM1, I experienced teaching English in Nakano elementary school. It became very precious experience for me.From there, I learned difficulty of teaching English to elementary school student and importance of a little device.There is my CI repeort in Nakano elementary school.It explains about our times,complication and it's results.

Critical Incident 1 (CL Report Nakano elementary school):

Our class was 6-3. There are 35 students. We teached them"Lesson4 Turn Right". Also, we read a book named "Suddunly!".Its aim was to know building's name plesently.And our class's goal was "let's say buildings name in English!".

In Nakano elementary school,we did pre-reading activety "Suddunly!",saying buildings' name and Crash game.I think almost children enjoyed our class,especially crash game.However some problems happened.For example,desks' arrangement were different from we had expected. We had planed placing building cards on the desks,so we confused.So,we placed two buildings cards on a desk and redused some cards. At the result, we could do Crash game as planned.This experinces are very useful when we plan next class.

Critical Incident2(CI report in Nakano Elementary School):

 My teaching philosophy was not changed glately by the incidents,but taught me new things.I think English teacher shold teach a enjoyment of English with many interest activities.But I rearized that activities should not only fun,but also students can use English much times. In Nakano ES,we couldn’t use much English.So students couldn’t enough experience to use English. From there, I could find that it is very very important students are given a chance to use English in the class.Also,I rearized that activities’ rules should be clearly as possible.In Nakano ES,we didn’t confirm three hints caruta’s rule in each group.It caused some confusion.From there,I rearized that English teacher should teach any rules clearly.I think it makes my class easy to understand for sudents.

Critical Incidents(Fuzoku JHS July12 2016)

We planned 2 activities.One of the activity is shopping.The customer students bought some items from the clerk students, but we set too much items. So, maybe they thought “I must buy all items” and didn’t return the seat. We should set about 3 items. If we did so, students could finish their shopping and get accomplishment to the activity.

We thought our activity have a lot of chance to speak English. However, Mr.Yosikado said us that “Your activity is good, but some shy students couldn’t speak a lot.”.So, we couldn’t give the chance all students equally.We did Activity2 in 10 groups, so , overall we had get chaos. In 1C, Ayano’s team did shopping activity too, they did it in pairs. So, student gave a chance to speak English equally, and students looked fun but very calm.So, we should do the activity2 in pairs or more few groups.