In a sunshine aquarium

In a sunshine aquarium

Self Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Kotomi Sasaki. 

I’m from Akita. Akita is next to Iwate.

I belong to an orchestra club now. I play the trumpet there. I have played trumpet for 9 years. Now we practice many music. We have a  concert in December. I like trumpet and member of my orchestra club.

I like to talk with my friends. I always talk a lot.

I study English now. I like English. So I want to study English hard in this class and do my best. Next year, I want to development my English skills.      

My Development Goals(October 27,2015→ February 12,2016→July 25,2016)

Ultimate goal : I wanted to be a English teacher who can convey English importance.

sub-goals: First, I know the English importance. At first I think that I must know the English importance before conveying English importance.  I want to notice English inportance by mentioning English in this class. I want to think about how I tell the students that I learned and I make the class of English.

Second, I study English hard. I think recently that it is slightly hard. I want to learn a lot of English to cancel it. I wanted to study many things in this class. It is good to acquire knowledge in ETMⅢand Ⅳ. I want to learn both English and teaching skills.

Finally, I want to communacation in English actively. In this class, I talk a lot in English and I want to comunicate with my classmate through various activity. I want to learn four skill(listening, writing, reading, speaking). So, when I teach English in JHS, I want to use English as many as possible. I want to use a lot of English in ETMⅣ.

I noticed difficulty to teach English in ETMⅠand Ⅱand Ⅲ. And I was able to acquire power to communicate in English.  I want to study English hard too.

My Teaching philosophy(October 27,2015→ February 12,2016→July 25, 2016)

・Can make suitable task and or teaching materials for learners.

I think that teaching materials are very important for learners.  A class becomes fun and becomes plain for it.  I want to fun and easy to understand teaching materials for the future. I want to make the teaching materials in accord with the class. It is for that I think that I am going to study ETM hard.

・Can understand the needs of the learners.

The teacher must do the class that match a student. Teachers can teach English because there are students. It is the most important that teacher knows the actual condition and understanding degree of the student. We should teach the student center. The teacher should know what the student is intersted in and what the students want to learn things.

・Has knowledge and teaching for teaching the four skills(reading, writing, speaking, listening)

Four skills are important things for study English and must acquire things.  I think that it is ability to want students to acquire and  the ability that the teacher must have too.  I want to think about how to make the class including for skills.(reading, writing, speaking, listening)  

・plain explain

The teacher should plain explain the work to the students.When I taught English at the Fuzoku JHS, I notice that my explanation is incomprehensible. I think that the teacher try plain explanation.

My Development in 2014-2016

We make a lot of teaching materials. For example "card" for game, pictures that the charactersin the book and more. It is very hard but we made it to thought the students feeling. I developed feeling to want to teach English and make plain teachin materials. In addition, I noticed that the teaching materials became the point of the class.

Critical Incident 1 (Nakano Elementary School):

We taught English in the class 3 of the fifth grade of Nakano Elementary school. The goal is the student to be able to say ‘I like~’” and play the game to use ‘I like’.

First, we introduce ourselves. Second, we used a book and read it for students. The book title is “Hats!”. Third, we play a game!

Our CI is " We have finished reading a book early than we thought". So we extended the time for a game.

I think that I shoud take measures suited to the occasion when I teach English for class.

critical incident2:at nakano ES3

We taught English in the class 3 of the sixth grade of Nakano Elementary school.

Our charge unit is Lesson7 “what time do you get up?” of “Hi, friends”. The class activity is "number game" , "practice verb" and more. Main activity is "introduce myself". Our CI is "The children not have a time to reconfirm a goal".  We should have confirmed a today’s goal once again.

critical incident3:( Fuzoku JHS)

We taught English in the class D of the three grade of Fuzoku JHS. Our charge unit is “Let’s talk③” of new crown. The aim are “To understand the polite request” and “To understand how to respond”.

 This is today’s main activity. The students make the sentences with a partner based on the sentences of the shopping. The students use “May I~?”, “Shall I~?”, “Would you ~?”.

 There are our CI. First,there were few people who raise their hands more than I thought. I think that the approach which speaks English in front of the students to be necessary. Second, there a lot of questions about a method activity. That’s because it was lacking in the teacher’s explanation. It should be supported tightly.

 I think that the teacher should plain explain the work to the students and try plain explanation. I think that the teachers have to consider a student. It is important to make a lesson plan and teaching materials. The teacher should know the student’s comprehension, interest and more.