Kyuushuu trip in 2015

Kyuushuu trip in 2015

Self Introduction

Hello, everyone. I am koki Niinuma. I am a student in the department of English. I have lived in Iwate since I was born. I finished Ofunato High School and moved to Morioka.

I am interested in English education, mathmatics education and special support education. I want to have many opportunities to study them and to experience various teaching practices.

I have many hobbies. For example, I like cycling. I have two bicycles, MTB and road racer. They are my good partners. I like taking pictures, too. I have alpha-6000 made in SONY. I can take beautiful photoes by using it. Another hobby is traveling. Last summer, I went to Obihiro, Asahikawa, Sapporo and Hakodate in Hokkaido. This summer, I went to all Shikoku, all the Chuugoku district, all Kyuushuu, Hyogo, Osaka, Aichi and Tokyo. Of course together with my bicycle and my camera.

I like Iwate University because there are many good students and teachers. I hope that I will be a good teacher through studying at Iwate University.

<Four things I want to do in this spring vacation>

1.Reading many books written in English

 I studied many American authors from Hoshino-sensei's class. So I would like to try to read such as "Nature” written by Emerson and "Moby-Dick" written by Melville.
2.Studying for EIKEN
 I would like to get many vocabularies and phrases. Also, I am going to listen to English story everyday.
3.Going to travel!!!
 I am going to go to Shinshuu during this spring vacation. I go there by shinkansen and car, not by bicycle... If you would like me to buy souvenirs, please contact me.
4.Working a lot
 I have a part time job in front of Morioka Station. I am going to work a lot and to be rich!
Atomic Bomb Dome in August 17, 2015

Atomic Bomb Dome in August 17, 2015

My Development Goals (October 16, 2015→August 4, 2016)

My ultimate goal is to understand about English education accurately. I want to be an English teacher at junior high school. To understand English education, I should do next 4 points.

1.Understanding the Course of Study

Overall objectives is to deepen the understanding of languages and cultures through foreign language learning; to foster a positive attitude to attempt communication; and to develop basic communication abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through the class, I learn how to produce classes in consider of Course of Study. I could not completely understand that, so I would like to read that before going to the teaching practice during summer vacation.

2. Knowing how to produce the classes.

I should know many techniques of English classes. For example, there are many materials such as singing songs(listening and speaking) and showing pictures before listening(using schema knowledge and listening). I can learn them through teaching practice. I would like to try many things which I learned through ETM class. Also, I am interested in Communiactive Lnguage Teaching. I want to know about it in ホール研.
3.  improving my 4 English skills
They are listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. To teach students, enough skills are needed. I want to read many books to improve my skills. Also, I would like  to study for TOEIC(over 730 points) and EIKEN(1st or pre-1st grade). Especially, I would like to improve my speaking skill. It is very important for me to improve my speaking skill in order to do CLT.
4. Knowing education problems
There are many problems for Japanese education. I want to study and know them.

My Teaching Philosophy (October 16, 2015→August 3, 2016)

I believe that learning is caused by the next order.


This means the attitude for studying English. If you lose interest, you cannot improve your English. I realized that it is important for learners to use schema when they study English. I also realized that teachers should choose appropriate materials. But they could be changed freequently. We must check fashon constantly.

2.Enjoying communication

I would like not only to teach English but also to teach things through English. Enjoying English is connected with understanding English. I would like to emphasize this part. When I practice teaching, I would like to do many interesting activities which everyone can enjoy communication.


This part is very important for studying. If you cannot understanding easy grammar or vocabularies, you cannot understand English. In addition to this, using schema knowledge is very important, I think. To check learner's understanding, doing test is a good way, I think. Not only test, homework is good way to check their understanding. But we must be careful when teachers give students homework. Students are very busy. So we should not give them meaningless homework.


No matter how confident your understanding of English is, you cannnot speak English. You have to practice many times.

I think that teachers should provide these opportunities to learn English. If I become a teacher, I want to tell students many cultures. The students will be interested in English and foregin countries. And through the class, I want to help their understanding and skills. I want students to like English. I hope that students know fun of communication by using English.

My Teaching Practice Goal

1. Try many things → ◎

2. Don't be afraid of making mistakes → 〇

3. With a smile at any time → ◎

4. Health comes first → ◎

5. Always do my best → ◎


Coming-of-Age Ceremony in Ofunato in January 11, 2016

Coming-of-Age Ceremony in Ofunato in January 11, 2016

My Development in 2014 - 2016

I had two teaching practice at Nakano elementary school.  I don't have my memory of studying English in elementary school clearly. So I didn't know the difference between elementary school English and junior high school one. I thought that teaching in elementary school is more difficult than teaching in junior high school because I cannot use English characters for elementary school students.

Critical Incident 1:Teaching practice at Nakano E.S.  in July 8, 2015

We didn’t have any critical incidents. But, I have a big problem because I cannot come up with any critical incidents. I think that this is because my plan was thin. My assignment is that I make a class plans more closely. In addition to this, I must look back my class with my teammates. Critical incidents give me big hints to improve my class. So I would like to pay attention to them in the future.

Critical Incident 2: Teaching practice at Nakano E.S. in December 1, 2015

 I had 2 critical incidents.

(1)The students could say the numbers without a hitch. We were going to practice 1 to 12. But in the leson, they could say 20, 30, 40, 50 easily. So we could move on to self-introduction smoothly.

(2)The students could not say English as a sentence. They praticed like "I get up at 6." and "I go to bed at 10.". But at the self-introduction, they said like "get up 6." and "go to bed 10.". But I think that that is not a big problem because the overall objective of foreign language activities is to fom the foundation of pupils' communication abilities through foreign languages (Course of Study). So it is important for elementary students to say English a lot without caring grammar.

Critical Incident 3:Teaching practice at Fuzoku JHS.  in July 12, 2016

  I had 2 critical incidents. First one is that we did a wrong introduction. After our self-introduction, we suddenly passed out a work sheet and began the listening. This made the students strained and we couldn’t deal with this problem because of our slight experience. I think we should have integrated an activity like using their schema to make them relaxed.  The other one is that there were many students in the class. For example, there are students who like English and are good at English. Also, there are students who don’t like English and are shy. The former students finished the activities earlier, but on the other hand, the latter students took a lot of time to finish the activities. We couldn’t solve this problem. Now I think we should have prepared for another assignment to the former students. 

Critical Incident 4: Shumen Teaching Practice at Fuzoku JHS in 2016

 I have 6 critical incidents.

 1. Using English or Japanese in the class   2. My English   3. Speakingwriting, not writingspeaking and mapping   4. How to ask questions   5. How to make questions   6. Interaction After teaching practice, I decided to be a teacher definitely. Mr. Yoshikado said to me, “you should do next things while you are in Iwate University. First, read many books about English Education. You should learn from them. Second, see many classes. There are many 公開授業 and 研究会 in Iwate. Also, there are many teachers. You should learn from them. Of course, if you make an appointment, you can see my class.” I have many problems to be solved from teaching practice. So, I would like to know many things from reading books or seeing classes and I would like to be a great teacher in the future.
Anatooshiiso in Ofunato in November 29,2015

Anatooshiiso in Ofunato in November 29,2015