scuba diving

scuba diving

Self Introduction

 Hello, my name is Masato Shirotani. I am from MIyagi. And I had played baseball for 10 years, so I like  baseball very much. Especially, I am Yomiuri Giants fan.

 I also like B'z. A few months ago, I went to B'z concert. It was Epic night, and I was very excited!

 I started playing scuba diving when I entered to Iwate University. Scuba diving was a dream of mine for many years. So I enjoy scuba diving. In this summer vacation, I went to Izu to play scuba diving. It was so wanderful. Next winter vacation, I am loking forward to going to OKinawa!

My Development Goals(February 14, 2016)

 My Ultimate goal is to acquire good teaching skills. Good teaching skills is to write my teaching philosophy. for being good teaacher, I should do next things in ETM2

1, I join the class actively.

2,I communicate other students to my thinking.

 3,I do my best toteach Nakano elementary school students

It was good experience. And I learned I have to acquire teaching skills. For example, they are to speak good English, obsereve students, and how to speak.

 4, I enjoy ETM2!

5, I become good users of English.

I need to speak English fluently. And I would like to tell my opinions accurately. So I should have more chances to use English.

 6, I want to acquire skills to teach Englsh with confidence. When I observed classes, I think it's important to have confidence. So we teach with confidence, and students consider it's all right to go along with their teachers.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

Critical Incident 1: Nakano elementary school(July, 2015)

 I teach English for the first time, so it was so difficult. But I enjoyed the class. I knew the difficulty of teaching.

 The Guideline course of study write that students acquire communication skill grounding while using foreign languages. So our teaching aim is to communicate other students actively while using English, and to enjoy using English.

 We thought that we use their brain and body. So we introduced "Simon says" and "card game".

 Consequently, students speak english, and enjoyed English. But students do not understant our explanation, some of students speak Japanese. Also, teachers and students do not share the aim exactly.

 So we need more ingeuity. When we explain something, we speak English or Japanese. We speak Japanese only difficult part. If we speak English all, we make gestures actively.

 Also, it is important to observe students carefully. It is difficult for students to say " I don't know". So teachers need to pay attention students

Criticl Incident 2: Nakano elementary school(December, 2015)

 I noticed gesture is good way to improve thier communication skill. And geture is more actively in class.

 I saw myself objectively than my first experience. And I found I wasn't good at teaching. For example, they are behavior, rhythm of class, and how to say. So I need practical training.

 We sat a goal in class. And I think it was clear. When we saw Hurikaeri sheets, many students wrote connection with goal. So we were able to make a class in good sequence. 

Critical Incident3: Fuzoku junior high school

I never think we didn't have much time and I was confused this situation, because we practiced the class properly. So I felt teachers need to acquire skill that deal with every situation flexibly. But it’s not easy. So little by little, I would like to improve my teaching skill.

Also, I think I improved my teaching skills a little  

So I make use of this experience for teacing practice. 

Critical incident4: Ueda junior high school

① I thought preparation was important. I made mistakes in some classes. For example, I forgot to bring teaching materials and skipped explanation. I think the lack of preparation caused them. After that, I prepared teaching materials to bring them at once, I wrote script to be easy to look.

② I checked answers while walking around students, and about 10~15 students made same mistakes. And I taught each person. After the class, the teacher said “if you encounter same situation, you will teach the mistake in front of everyone.” Also, he said “it’s difficult problem. You need to become used to this situation by experience.

③ I was confused unexpected answers and reactions in classes. I think it’s very difficult problem. I understand these differences, but it is difficult to tell the differences properly. Also, there are some problems what students don’t learn yet. So I had difficulty for explaining the differences.

My Teaching Philosophy(February 14, 2016)

 I think students want to like English. And students use English actively. Student do that, they also acieve the Guidelines for the Course of Study.

 In the Guidelines for the Course of Study, it write that student improve their communication skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writinig English. This skills is very important in their school life and in their life. So, I want students to improve their communication skill. So I want  students to feel something of communication, when I teach  English. And I want students to enjoy ENglish!

 I think teachers should have learning outlook clearly. When present learning swerve from the outlook, teachers have to back students and learning to correct point. So teachers's role is to lead students to goal.

 In the Guidelines for the Course of Study, it write that student improve their communication skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writinig English. This skills is very important in their school life and in their life. So teachers have to train their communication skills. teachers need to do the class actively.

And teachers need to observe students. Teachers understand what students want to know and what students don't know, and Teachers can support students properly.

Also, students observe teachers carefully. So we need to cosider what we say and do, how to speak english, and expression.  

 We need to teach English to communicate with other people. Sometimes, there is a tendency to learn English for examinations . So if students think so, I would like to make a class to change their thinking.