We call it

We call it "Megane-bashi"

Self Introduction

Hello! My name is Mayuko Onami.

I'm a student at Iwate University. I'm a sophomore in college.

I'm from Miyagi. I was born in 1995/9/22. I was energetic girl in my elementary school days. I belonged volleyball team in my junior high school and high school. I like volleyball.

I like music too. My hobby is listening to music and to play the guitar. I belong to Utagoe circle in college. I make bands with my circle members.

I'm having a good campus life. 

My Development Goals(October 29,2015→August 4,2016)

  My ultimate goal is to be able to use English smoothly in my life.

  Now, I don't speak English actively. I was thought why I can't speak English actively. I noticed that I have not confidence my English skill. So I study English more, and I want to have confidence my English. And I want to be able to use English smoothly in my life.

  My sub-goals to achieve my ultimate goal are these.

・To use English actively in English classes, and get used to English.

     I think I want to experience many mistakes in English classes. And I want to learn.

・To communicate with international student in Iwate university.

     Iwate University has many international student. And it has many opportunity to communicate with them. I want to join these. I use English there, I get used to speak English I think.

  Now, I think I could change my thinking about English. I’m be able to speak English with confident. And I became to try to listen and speak to English actively, for example, I became to try to catch English announce when I took a train. And I also tried to talk with a foreigner in English a little. So I felt English is a familiar language. And I think my English skill and my volition about English is improved than before.

  I want to speak English more fluently. So I should be careful pronunciation, intonation and expression and so on. It’s not easy to do, but I want to try it and I want to keep it in mind. To accomplish it, I want to watch and listen many native English speaker. And I want to keep studying English.

 Now I reached a stage of listening English in my daily life positively. And I came to listen English songs with sentienting the meaning and pronunciation now. I became familiar with English than before. So I want to continue these from now, to achieve my ultimate goal.


My Teaching Philosophy(October 29,2015→August 4,2016)

  I think we have not opportunity to use English in life. So, many people thinks I don't have to study English. But if we have some opportunity, I think don’t join. It’s because some people think learning English to communicate with foreigner is not necessary. But, English is very important to communicate with foreigner. For example, when you are asked foreigner a way, and when you find a foreigner is in trouble. I think English become more important in the near future. Now, globalization keeps up with the time. Japan should be entry the world. And lead other country. I think japan has the power.

  So, Japanese student should learn more practical English. And English should be taught more easy to use. We should learn English as one of communication tools and the power of living the world.

 And now, I think English is deeply and interesting than I thought before. And I interested in the history of English now. So I think we should learn English more deeply, if we desided to learn it. So now I think I want to continue to learn English from now.


My Development in 2014 - 2016

  In ETM, I learned English have to be interesting. We gave lesson at Nakano elementally school. It's a valuable experience for me. The following is our class'  detail.

  My development goals are to understand how to use "I like~", and to try to use the words 5 times.

  Critical Incidents 2 (Nakano Elementary School 5-1)

  First, students are much vigor than I expected. So I taught a little easy to give lesson. Almost all students reacted our question. Next CI is that we made a miss take of student's name card. So we made new name card for the student. In class, when we read a picture book, students read together. We didn't expected. In our plan, we read a picture book two times. Only we read first time, and second time, read together. But students read together at first time too. So we read together two times.

  Nakano elementary school student looked be enjoyed the class, so I was happy. Next time, I want to give more invented lesson.

  Critical Incident 2 (Nakano Elementary School 6-1)

  I thought it is important that students think it is fun to study and to know from this class. In doing so, many student have interested to study. And I thought I want to try to bespeak many student as possible. I want to communicate a lot with students. I could experience good opportunity.

  Critical Incident 3 (Fuzoku Junior High School 2-c)

  The objective of the class is "To check and explain things that you must do and mustn't do." First IC is that students livened up in ice-breaking game than I thought. I predict junior high school students are shy. So we prepare this game, to relieve their tension, but students are so vigor and felt excited. Many times took for one time, so we cut down from three times to two times. Next CI is that the students so smart than I thought. We read textbook two times, because students can't understand the meaning of the conversation in one time. However, they could understand one time. So we cut down the second time teachers only reading. Third CI is that students doesn't gestures. We prepare gestures in learning 'must' situations, but many students didn't it. I said "Please gestures!" , but they didn't it. Especially, girls didn't. So I think they think it is embarrass. Finally, we didn't make them to gestures forcibly. Forth CI is that students didn't read 'effect' in MUST karuta. In the MUST karuta, we said "When you find the card, you touch it and must read it, and you can get the card." However, they didn't read it I saw. I said them, "Did you read it?" , then they read it.

 I enjoyed this class and the students also looks like enjoyed. I thought there is difference between Elementary school and Junior high school of the students. And I also thought that to know about students is very important to teach. So I had a good experience thanks this class.