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Self Introduction

I am Motoi Tkahashi.I'm from Kuriharacity in Miyagi.I'm Iwate University student.My major is English education.My family are 6.There are grandmather,father,mother,old sister,and young brother in my family.But I live in Morioka now. My hobby is dancing.The kind of my favorite dances is hiphop.Hiphop dance is so cool.I like to dance,and also prefer to see a dance.I belong to dance club.Someday I'd like to get a prize.

My Development Goals(October 29, 2015→July,12 2016)

I hope my students easily undarstand English,and enjoy English through my teaching.It is my ultimate goal. I'd like to understand what is important on the ETM2.So,I should understand important points through experience training. And I have to improve my English skills.Especially,I'd like to improve a pronunciation skill and comunicatioun skill.So I should talk with a foreigner and go abroad. Through ETM2   I have to learn about effective learning way.For example,like a "Essential Teaching Knowledge".In order to make children learn effectively,I must study and get the skill about English. In order to have confidence,I have to experience much.                                                          

My Teaching Philosophy(October 29, 2015→July 12, 2016)

When teaching English in Japan, there are two important points. 1.Improving 4 skills.Reading,Writing,Listening,Speaking  All these skills are important.We have to make students learn aggressively.The session when a teacher will be the leading role is wastful.The students must be leading role.The person who learns is a child. 2.Touching native English It's important to use practical English.When English can't be used practically,there is no meaning to learn.We have to class using the native English.For example,using CD of native pronunciation,cooperating with ALT teacher. 3.Deeper communication In order to make deeper communication,we should make them use a gesture,and have them enjoy themself.The communication is most important in the class. 4.The plain explanatoin The complicated explanation and the long expranatoin are insignificant.The plain expranation is best for children.For example,show a short play, use a picture and etc... It will be also saving time in class.

My Development in 2014 - 2016 July 12

In Nakano Elementaly scool July 8th 2015 ETM1

First we planned class schedule.My class is 5-2.the goal of this class was they can tell us their favorite fruits.So we decided to do self introduction,pronunciation practice,a picture card show,game,impression announcement.It'll be spent for 45 minutes by these activity.But critical incident was happened.It has been finished 10 minutes earlier than a plan.We could do nothing.But this class teacher helped us.She held a handshake meeting.We could comunicate with the students,and finish class.

I learned for the how to use time.It is very important.I should know time is changed by condition of students.And it is important to act according to circumsances.It because the class is made with a teacher and a student,that doesn't know what happens.

Critical Incident2 (December,1 2015 Nakano EJH)

My class is 6-2.The object of the lesson is that "Let's use 'What time do you~?' " and introduce a day each other.At the beginning of the class,we practice about a number.We pronounced repeatedly at random.The students was active.I make them talk with a friend using gesture.But final activity,they didn't use a gesture.I thought we didn't have enough explanations.If a gesture is used,that would be better activity.I learned that a detail explanation is important through this class.

Critical Incident3 (July,12 2016 Fuzoku JHS)

In July 12,2016,we visited Fuzoku Jiunior High School.My class is First grade.The aim in this class was “Let’s shop in English!”.We planned four steps in this class to reach the goal.The four steps are introduction,pair work,free activity and reflection.I felt free activity is the most difficult in these steps.There is critical incident in free activity.We wanted to make children communicate as much as possible without seeing a text and papar.But children seem to finish fast,so the aim in this activity is not communication.But the aim is to finish fast.This is the point that I repent.So,I should check the aim and goal with children.And, I should pay attention during activity.Second,time of the practice in a pair was short.I should make students practice more by various pairs and ways.Because practice time was too short,children might look at text and papar in free activity.Probably,they had anxiety.We didn’t notice to that.Third,the will of the children was felt more than I thought.I was happy because some children want to learn more,and shop at the family in English.I felt rewarding through this class.And,I experienced wonderfully 1,orientation For 1 month,I did student teaching at Fuzoku Elementary school.In September 7,I taught living environment studies in Chidori class.It’s the class that first grade and second grade students were put together.That’s called a ‘Hukushiki class’.The purpose of its class is to play freely using a great deal of empty cans.Finally,I made children announce what kind of play was done. 2,complication When playing freely,an accident was happened.1 child couldn’t play by great deal of empty cans well,and he accumulated stress.Then,he broke friend’s the work intentionally.So a quarrel has broken out.2 children were angry and were crying.I made them stop quarreling immediately.I was not to scold immediately,but I heard their say.I didn’t scold and I advised why that was a bad thing.They seemed to have understood what was bad. 3,Significance Through the class,I felt that there was also often a situstion which faces children’s quarrel.it’s important to scold children.But that is not the most important thing.I think that It’s most important to hear children’s say and admonish.When not doing to make them think what is bad, it’s insignificant. There are also many which aren’t understood,but Children should understand in the quarrel which occurs between the children. Through this critical incident,I could deepen an idea again.The student teaching was meaninguful.