Self Introduction

  Hello,my name is Nene Fujiwara.I’m 20 years old. I’m from Kuji. I have an older sister and a younger sister. I like to play badminton. When I was a high school student I belonged to badminton club. Now I belong to a volunteer club. I visit several places and play with children or teach studying. I like English since I was a junior high school student. I want to learn many things. So I keep to study English hard. Nice to meet you.

My Teaching Philosophy(October 15th,2015→February 12th,2016)

There are a lot of people have several thinking in Japan.So we have to understand other people's thinking each other.I think it's important for students to try to know other people's thinking.Teachers should bring up students' interest of speaking and listening English.Teachers have to think how to do it.I want students to study English having  positive stances.To do this teachers should give chances to use English in a class. Teachers also have to use English positively. Through using English I want to try to find each student's strong points and develop them. I found that almost of the students at Fuzoku JHS had  difficulty when writing something. I felt they could speak easier than write English. They are second year student now and they have had lots of speaking chances in a class since they were first year students. So I felt that it's important for teachers to teach having consistency. 

My Development Goals(October 29th,2015→February 12th,2016→August, 2016)

My ultimate goal is to learn better methods to teach English.To accomplish this goal,I have some sub-goals.First goal is to continue to study English harder.It's important to study harder to know English well.Second goal is to be able to express my own opinion positively in English.I think it's important for students to  be able to express their own opinion. Now I think students can express their own opinion when we give them enough time to think about it. To teach students to do it we have to be able to do it. I want not to be afraid using English. Third goal is to learn other people's way of thinking about English education.I want to try to know it positively. Through this lecture my thinking has little changed. Listening and speaking are also very important activities.Students can understand English by several information.For example, by the accent of voice, expression of faces and gesture and so on. So I think I have to know how to give them it and want to try to use it in a class.In teaching practice, I want to try many things not being afraid to make a mistake. Through teaching practice in JHS I could learn some teachers' methods of teaching English. I thought it's important to think how to teach English after thinking what to teach. It is also important to concentrate on one point.


My Development in 2015 - 2016

CI report 1

 It was an important experience for me to teach at Nakano elementary school.I think it is difficult to teach elementary school students.It is because we have to teach them more simply than junior high school students. We have to explain in plain words. And I think it's important to look student's expression. I learned some methods to teach in plain. First,we planned goals, materials, and time and so on for Nakano Elementary School. The goal was that students can tell “Turn right” to help someone who is in trouble. The materials were “Turn right” and “Suddenly”. We used a story illustrated with picture cards.We decided how to divide the work among us.Next, we had a game called Ikuya Game.We explained the game in Japanese with gestures. Second, we had reading activity.We read a story of “Suddenly” three times. We opened arms before reading “Suddenly” and held our head in our hands before reading “Silly me”. We stuck picture cards on the blackboard for students to understand well. Thirdly, we taught the way to tell the way to someone.We showed a short conversation some times. After that, we made students do it in pair work. I thought it is important to  plan a class,prepare some picture cards... and also act looking student's responds.

CI report 2

  I taught 6-1.It is the class I had taught before. In this class I could looking back me subjectively and objectively. I could learn some things. First, I thought it is important to plan a class by thinking students' responses. Second, it is important how to ask or explain for students because they can change their behavior by it. Third, it is important to look around the whole of the class carefully. Fourth, it is important to use same expressions many times.

CI report 3   It was the first time to teach in JHS. I thought it was little difficult to teach the students I hadn’t met before, but it became a good experience for me. I learned about 3 things from this teaching practice in Fuzoku JHS. First, it is about time management. If I notice that students need more time to think than expected I had better to give appropriate advice for everyone. To do that I have to expect what will make them bother and prepare some advice. I think it is also important to give clear explanation about time. Second, it is about the way to explain. We should explain a few at a time, not a lot of things at a time. Third, it is about giving every students the chances to speak in public. Students will learn more and deepen their knowledge when they show the things they thought by themselves each other. These are the points we learned in this lesson.
CI report 4 I taught at Fuzoku JHS in this summer. I learned a lot of things through this teaching practice. First, I have to think what is the most important thing and teach it in a class. We have to teach one thing in a class. I also need to tell students what to learn in the class naturally. Second, teachers have to think about some differences of the students' ability.Some students can solve fast but some students can’t finish within given time. Third, I think, ”Talking activities bring good results for a lot of students.” I want to have both of talking activity and writing activity.  Fourth, it was little difficult for me to give spontaneous situation. In a conversation, we have to have information gap. So I try to think how students can have information gap and do meaningful conversation. Finally, teachers need to open their mind to students and express themselves frankly. I think students can express themselves without fear when teachers have such as positive stance.