What is the ETM Electronic Portfolio?

An electronic portfolio (EP) is a digital collection of writings and teaching artefacts which is presented in a way that will show how the teacher has developed.

Our portfolios consist of two pages:

(1) A front page with the following fields:

1.Self-intro, 2.Teaching philosophy, 3. Development goals, 4. Summary of Development

(2) A teaching experience page where learners write about critical incidents which have impacted their teaching philosophy and practice.

How does the ETM portfolio support our curriculum?

Each ETM class consists of classroom learning and a small teaching practice as seen below. After each teaching experience ETM members write critical incidents (CIs) or unexpected classroom events that challenged their perceptions about the way English should be taught and learned. It is hoped that this continuous process of writing CIs will help learners make sense of the ETM learning and experiences.

ETM Cycle