I'm Rika

I'm Rika

My Development Goals(October14 ,2015→July25,2016)

My ultimate goal is understanding the English.

1.I want to  learning is caused by a communicate, get skills and  learn gloval language. Communicate with ALTs and ETM members .I want to actively share and opinion each other's thoughs with ETM members. So ,improve the Einglish quality. 2.Has knowledge and teqniques for learning the four skills. Listening English is difficult things . It is hard for me to listening English. But, We have to listening naitive English. So, educate lisning skill. Knowledge of English as a groval language is need things. Learn English that can be used.I want to educate English  skills that get across to native person.
  1. a) I was able to improve the communication skills in English and the way of guidance through this classes and Nakano elementary school teaching activity. In This class, there were many opportunities to talk in English in group or pair . while using the knowledge I learned of their own, I was able to talk and write in English. Also , through the experience to teach , I was able to think of the teaching methods, such as the objective can be achieved. Compered to last year, I think I was able to plan the contents of the full activity. Therefore, I increased to write , talk, plan, and communication skill in class.
  1. b) I want to improve in the future ability to listen to spoken English. And , I want to be the answer in English against it. Now I can not be heard only roughly. Therefore , it is necessary to get used to the native English. And , I want to become familiar with listening and talk to English. Also , I want to increase the words and grammar available. Because it is possible to use English naturally , when I teach English. So I usual study English ,and I want to stack the experience of using English language.

Self Introduction

Hello!! My name is Rika Wakui. I'm 20 years old. I'm from IWATE. I live in Yahaba now. I love sports. I like handball and hockey than any other sports. When I was junior high school student, I was enjoying handball. Handball is hard sport. But, it is fun and exciting sport. Also,when I was high school student, I absorbed hockey. Do you know hockey ? When I entered high school , I was impressed "hockey" . So, I was biggining to hockey club in Kozukata high school.

My Development in 2014 - 2016


I learned basis  how to teach English. In cooperation with group, we thought  how to  theach or what we teach .I was able to understand the English language than before. Not only to speak English ,but also I learned necessity that the thinking gesture.By doing so,I was found to take cimmunication   a lot of people . Also,  I was able to attended classes while taking classmates.

  • Critical Incident 1(2014-2015 ,Nakano elementary school)I learned ETM1 that basis teaching method. And,It is considered in the child's point of view.But It is difficult to determine whether children are understanding our English .So, we through a lot of activities ,we  have to teach that English is enjoy. It is necessary to create a class that some students not only a teacher can participate in activities.
  • Critical Incident 2 (February 2016, Nakano elementary school): We found that it is important when teaching. First ,it is time. It should have been adjusting the time for each activities. Otherwise, it can not be the main activities. We use the time well , so that we can smooth deployment . Second, it is activities content. When We decide activities content, it must be made activities in accordance with the target. For that reason , there is a need to clarify what we want to teach and what we want them to know.Therefore , it was necessary to teach the movement of the body.
  • Critical Incident3(July 2016, Fuzoku JHS ): I thought that was important to the situation combined class and instruction in English.We planned to do in the beginning mainly practice grammar and vocabulary in order to enhance the sentence of “must”. However the students the meaning of “must” and new words already knew. Therefore, we were necessary to do a sufficient from activity to practice many times. When we do pair work, students were shy, and not spoken face to face of partner. But, we were possible to call to speak watching partner’s eyes. Not only the conversation, students need to learn how to talk. ( to help partner,  to look at partner's eyes )

Nakano elementary school

My Teaching Philosophy(Octber14 ,2015→July25, 2016)

 I believe that learning is caused by draw the interest, critical and appropriate instruction.  A teacher's role is to

  1. Provide fun and easy to understand lesson where students are interested in English. Need to think various activity.
  2. Always think critically. Understand the children what is not known. So,considered to solve the problem.
  3. Provide learners with the necessary apporopriate instruction when the timing is right.Easy to understand instruction such as it can be seen be anyone.
I think children have to  learen English that they can use everyday. not only konwledge. so,they have to educate  conversation skill and listening skill through various activitys. Teacher provide activities in an appropriate way for group of students. I thought teachers need to sense what have knowledge of English and more experience. I felt that it is important that more myself to study when to teach the people. For that reason if we were not for the knowledge of English the less, width that can be taught to children became less. Also , more experience were important things. Because more experience were told me to next step that we must learn.