I'm strong!!

I'm strong!!

Self Introduction

Hi!! My name is Ruri Enomoto. I was born in Morioka and raised in Morioka and Takizawa. There are a lot of beautiful places. It is happy to watch nature, especially  I like rivers. My birthday is December 10. So, I like winter. I belonged to tennis club when I was high school student. I like playing and watching tennis. I like sports. For example, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, sumo, golf and tennis. My favorite animal is panda. I have a lot of panda's goods, especially stuffed animals.

My Development Goals(October 29, 2015→February 13, 2016→July 20, 2016)

Ultimate goal : I want to be an English teacher who can give pleaure of communication in English to childlen.

Sub-goals :

First, I want to speak fluent English. I want to actively speak English in ETM2.

Second, I want to hear fluent English. I want to concentrate on hearing teacher's English and my classmate's English in ETM2.

Third, I want to expand my English and Japanese vocabulary. I have a little vocabulary. It is necessary to communicate with a lot of people.

Finally, I want to communicate with a lot of people in English. In ETM2, I have many times to talk with teachers, my friends and children. I want to experience a lot of things.

a)how I have improved (past):

 I understood teaching by mimic class at Nakano elementary school and short listening lesson and got a image of class.

b)how I want to improve (future):

First,I have to expand my knoeledge - grammar and words etc.

Second, when I listen to English again and again, I become accustomed to fluent English.

 Third, I want to adapt my life to teaching. I think that I have to do now for practice taeching and teacher life and practice. 

 Fourth, I want to improve teaching skills. I want to plan managing learning.

  • make suitable learning goals for the class
  • make suitable tasks or teaching maerials for class
  • conduct an easy-to-understand class
  • choose topics which catch students' interest


First, I could grasp my class's image and my class's stream.

Second, I was interested in pronunciation and grammar.

My Teaching Philosophy(October 29, 2015→February 13, 2016→July 20, 2016)

I think that an important point students study English is enjoyment. Classes that teacher can't enjoy making are not classes that students can enjoy taking.

 Something new that I think is: 

 First, I think that it is necessary to prepare when teachers teach English and so on. For example, teachers can know information about children- age, number and English words thier have already learned.

Second, teachers can make a smooth communication and can become a role model for students, if teachers have a large stook of knowledge.

Third, it is important to adapt to English. If teachers plan appropriate activities, students can get the four skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Something new that I think is:

 I gained new teaching philosophy.

First, it is “understanding of students”. I want to know  my students' amount of the knowledge.

Second, it is ''projects''. My lesson plan must to be projected that my students need to take time to do some activities. 

My Development in 2014 - 2016

In ETM1, I taught English in Nakano elementary school. This is my CI repeort in Nakano elementary school about 1:Orientation, 2:Complication and 3:Results.

Critical Incident 1 (CL Report Nakano elementary school):  

1 Orientation

goals : We want to communicate by using “ like ” and make friends.

students : about 40 students materials : book, fruit cards time : 45 minutes

2 Complication

① We finished doing storytelling early than we thought.

② We thought that our students could understand the story of “ HATS ” , but they couldn't do it.

③ We thought that our students didn't know English ( strawberry, banana, cherry, apple, lemon and like ) , but they do them.

3 Results

① We could do a lot of communication by taking long time to play games.

② It was easy for our students to understand the story by explaining about it.

③ Students smiled proudly and were pleased and got the will to study English by our praising them.

In ETM2, I taught English in Nakano elementary school. This is my CI repeort in Nakano elementary school about 1:Orientation, 2:Complication and 3:Results.

Critical Incident 2 (CL Report Nakano elementary school):  


The objective of the lesson is that “Let’s be used to using ‘what time do you ~?’ ” and introduce a day each other.

 In order to understand the words –what time do you get up? , we repeated to speak the words together with simple gestures. At the same time, we showed pictures (get up, go to school, study and go to bed).

We gave students the change to use the language by reviews and games. We made devices that all students can speak English.


 I think it is very important for students to enjoy English in order to understand English. Students are tense cannot enjoy English. I tried keeping a smile in the class and enjoying activities with them. I praised students a lot of things. I want to increase my vocabulary of praise.

In ETM3, I taught English in Fuzoku junior high school. This is my CI repeort in Fuzoku junior high school about 1:Orientation, 2:Complication and 3:Significance.

Critical Incident 3 (CL Report Fuzoku junior high school):  

Keywords: Identity


The goal of the lesson is “You can shop in English”.

To accomplish the goal;

1: Lead-in

2: Activity 1 (more controlled)

3: Activity2 (freer)


-We planned the class for fifty minutes. We practiced again and again. So, we had confidence.

→ Students took time to do activities.

→ Teachers didn’t understand students’ ability.

→ Teachers must know students.

-We planned activity 2. I took charge of this activity.

→ Teachers couldn’t control students. All students couldn’t take part in the activity.

→ Students want to do more activity.

→ Teachers should know appropriate quantity of activities for students. Teachers should make activities all students can take part in.


I gained new teaching philosophy. It is “understanding of students”.