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Self Introduction

I'm Ryota.I'm from Sendai.Now,I live in Iwate university dormitory,Hokuo Dormitory.I belong to Iwate Univ. soccer club,so every day I get up at 5:30a.m. for morning practice.My favorite food is sushi.Nice to meet you.

My Development Goals

Ultimate goal Maybe I will not become a teacher,but I want to learn many things at teaching practice.Finally   I try to acquire ability as  a good English teacher when I finish my teaching practice.Especially I want to teach  with  only English.         Finaliy,I want to teach students English by all English in class, because I  want to be a  smart teacher who can speaks English fluently and help students who can't understand English  very much and are not good at reading and writing English.So,I want to acquire  English abilities(for example, reading ,writing, speaking, etc... )antil next teaching  training in junior high school. To acquire its ability, I have to study English hard more, and keep on studying every day, for example, I can listen native speakers English by CD, also can study English  by using text book about English grammer . Can systematically explain all grammar in the textbook. sub-goals increase English word

My Teaching Philosophy

I have some teaching philosophy.First, I think it is important to smile during English class because smile is good communication with students and students can be at home with teacher's smile.Second, I want to speak English without Japanese as possible as I can.          I have two philosophyies.First,I  think English teachers should use English as much as they  can in class.When they explain  next activities and praise students ,using English  is very important, but it is good if  teacher's English grammer is not perfect.Secondly I  think English teachers should  help students who cannot understand and face why they are in trouble. Here, you should discuss how you think English should be taught and learned by students in Japan. I think English teacher should read the textbook with good pronunciation because  many Japanese students use KATAKANA English,so teachers have to pronunciate carefully.By using real English,students can understand differrence between Japanese and English clearly.Also teacher should give many chances to read textbook.Reading English many times help students to improve skills.

My Development in 2014 - 2015

First write how you developed in ETM 1 overall. Below, summarize the critical incident you experienced in ETM 1.

Critical Incident 1 (Title): Summarize CI here.

I could develope in ETM 2. First, I  got many experiences from Nakano elementary school  training.Before class, I had a hard time to make some  activities like game, practicing word,but  thanks to Mr.Suzuki ,I could make some activities. In English class, especially in elemenntary school,  it is important for teacheres to teach with rythm   by sing a song and  beating time with hand, so I tried practice them and I made it ! I could develope at  such a point.

I developed in ETM1 .First ,my communication skill improved.Before I went to Nakano JHS, it was hard to speak in front of audience because I hadn't taught students .But when I finished class,I felt I improve for myself.

It was hard to distribute time in class,so I left 10 minutes.