Self Introduction

I'm Ryo Ito.  I was born in Akita.  I had lived in Akita until graduating high school.  When I passed exam at this university, I moved to Iwate.

  I have played baseball for 12 years.  I like baseball.  In particular,  I like Mr, Kawasaki(TOR) and respect him as a man.  He is not good at talking with foreign people but he is tring MLB and playing baseball with foreign people.  His such attitude gives me an oppotunity to think what is communicating with foreign people by English.  This is why I respect Mr. Kawasaki.  You should watch his interview.  Maybe, You'll feel something you use as reference.

My Teaching Philosophy

I think Eglish is an useful tool.  When I was a high school student, I didn't think so.  I studied a lot of words and glammar in my high school.  It is true that vocabulary and glammar are so important but I think teaching only these things is not good.  teacher should teach what we can do if we study Eglish harder and enjoyment in Eglish.  So I think reading aloud is a good method and I also think using tablet terminal is good from now on.  This is my teaching philosophy. Lastly, students' reaction is not equal to student' positiveness.  In class, some students don't hear what the teacher says and some students hear it but they don't know what they should do.  Such students show teachers same negative reaction.  but they are different so we heve to understand it and have to instract to make students understand directions.

My Development Goals

I want to teach not only Eglish for test but also how we can use glammar when we talk to foreign people and back ground of English by my experience. This is my Ultimate goal.   To achieve this goal, I need to study English harder and have good experience.  Going to abroad and communicating with foreign people and talking to foreign students in Japan are good experience.   I think  having such experiences enable me to achieve my development goal.  These experiences are my sub goal. In ETM2, I understand that there are many ways to teach each areas(reading, listening, speaking, and so on).  I feel that I have to study more teaching skills and ways to teach any kind of students in practical teaching training in this summer. 

My Development in 2014 - 2016

I had a good experiences as my sub goal.  teaching Nakano elementaly school tought me.

  • From Critical Incident 1(Lesson at Nakano ES)
In Nakano elementaly school, When we read English book, some students did not likely watch pictures because they sat far from pictures.  Before we read it, we said if someone could not watch pictures, you should move yourself to front place but nobody move.  I thought that nobody maybe move themselves to front place if we said you should move.  Therefore, at second time, I raised pictures higher than first time.  Just then, their voice which they read became loudly.  When we did“Crash Game”, students pointed at pictures and said only name of pictures.  Before the game began, I explained that you have to point at pictures and say “I like~”but they could not say only name of pictures.  First, students could say“I like~”but they were absorbed in“Crash Game”and they could not say only name of pictures.  Therefore, I stopped the game once and said you have to say“I like~”not only name of pictures.  After this advice, they could.  These things tought me that Englise class is not made by teacher, Students also make it better.

  • From Critical Incident 2 (Lesson at Nakano ES)
I come to think rhythm is an important element of good class. It is true that exciting activities are enjoyable for students and bring out student’s activeness but it is important that teacher have serious in such activities. In my mission, I couldn’t have students repeat time I said in the game of clock so student didn’t have enough opportunities to speak expression of time. From this regretting, I think teacher should make students have enough time to be serious in enjoyable activities and I also think this is rhythm of teaching in class. To have rhythm of teaching in class, attracting student’s attention and giving students clearly direction are good measures. Such things are added to my teaching philosophy.
  •  From Critical Incident 3 (Lesson at Fuzoku JHS)
I realize an important thing.  I had thought students who didn’t smoothly activity 1(more controlled activity) or 2(freer activity) also didn’t smoothly goal activity (free activity).  But I realize this thought is wrong.  We shouldn’t have such a prejudice and we need to watch carefully students’ doing and their reaction in each activity.  And we need to manage time for students.  In other words, we have to think teaching plan for students.  And to think this point, I understand that thinking what activity we can manage time is good way and skill.
  • From Critical Incident 4 (Teaching Practicum at Nakano JHS)
I learned lots of things.  First I realized that there is a big difference of academic ability among Junior high school students.  I should think all students’ ability before my class and should think other help for students who are bad at English.  Second I realized almost students couldn’t understand the meaning of instructions in English.  So I learned the importance of instructions with the way of non-verbal communication.  Third I realized the importance of preparing teaching materials and managing them in tight schedule in school.