Self Introduction

Hi!! I'm Sae Yamada. I'm 20 years old, and I'm from Morioka. I belong to woman lacrosse club. Do you know lacrosse? It's a very interesting sport!!   I practice it on morning. It is not popular in japan but in America, it is so famous. I often watch lacrosse movie on youtube and learn a lot of super play. Unfortunately, its movie is in English. So I can't understand every English. I study English hard, and I want to speak,listen,write and read like native American. I'm looking forword to learning with you!! Thank you.

My Development Goals(October 29,2015→February 14,2016→August 1,2016)

  My  Ultimate goal is to be an elementary school teacher or high school teacher and tell delight of English.  So I want to learn how to show students our thinking, feeling and acting in a new way or different way with ETM2 members.

  ①I should experience to teach English at elementary school or  junior high school with them,and enjoy many students to use English. I really think seeing the state of the student can notice the place where I should try what hard.

  ②I should communicate with some English speaker to get some hints to express one's thought from them. For example, a way of gesture, a way of speaking and their expression.

  ③I should study English and different cultures more and more with ETM2 members. they know many things what I don't know. So I want to know a lot of things about foreign country from them. I have not gone abroad. I thing that it is nice to hear a story from the person who went to the foreign countries about there. Instead, I want to tell something what they don't know.

  ④I am in touch with foreigner to be able to speak fluent English. I think It is better than Katakana English to speak English fliently like native speakers.

  ⑤I think my class plan with reality. So I examine and studt about foreign history and customs. And I want to teach students that there are a lot of different world with Japan. I want them to turn their eyes to outside Japan.

I learn a lot of things helping eachother with ETM2 members.

My Teaching Philosophy(October 29,2015→February 14,2016→August 1,2016)

I think English should be taught and learned enjoying by students in Japan. It is boring only teacher's lesson. I want to teach English by using some pictures and music. Especially,elementary students learn English by matching English and some pictures. Also, teacher's behavior is important. We should express English unabashedly.

At the last, I think that it is important to give each students a purpose in class. Even if only a teacher understands it, there is not a meaning. By sharing it eachother, wonderfull class will be held.

I have two more my opinions.

First, giving a lot of experiences to students. Speaking English is nervous for elementary students because they have a little experience. So want them to have exposure to English by using five senses. And, I want them to have a courage.

Second, Expecting students' thought and behavior before every class. It is a helpful thing for us to do a smooth progress of the class. And I want to  reduce CI whenever I give a lesson.

 I add my new opinion to these opinions.

 It is to considerate the difficulty of the activity. For example, it is easy or not, it is free activity or not. And to considerate the order of activity. I learned writing is last. It is most difficult. I understood its importance  through the experience at JHS. So I want to think what activity it is and what purpose of the activity is.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

I learned a lot through ETM1. I have not  studied English when I was a elementary school student so I didn't know a way to teach English some students. So I had some trouble. For example, I made a difficult lesson plan for elementary students.  But I received a lot of advice from ETM1 classmate. Thanks to studying with them, I got motivation from them to be a good teacher and to make a great lesson plan. Also I thought that I want to be a man who have a great influence to others.

Critical Incient 1 (2014-2015)

What I learn through this experience is that many elementary school students learn English with pictures and songs. Even though it's important to teach many rule of English but in elementary school ,it's more important to learn English enjoying with their friend. Enjoy speaking,ristening,writing and reading English is the best way to improve their English skills in elementary school. I thought that I should make my lesson plan more carefully.

Critical Incident 2 (2015-2016)

 I understand to get students expose to English with this experience. They understand our instruction in English by using gesture. Moreover, we can give them a confidence that understand English. Also, the sun’s image color is red in Japan but it was orange in America. When we make teaching materials, I knew it is important for Japanese student to conscious American image. When they had no confidence, I say “Have confidence!” When they could answer difficult problem, I say “Good job!” In this way, telling a word which they need can create trust between a teacher and a student. An atmosphere in class will be better and students’ learning well will increase, too. I thought I want to value a catch ball of word between them. 

Critical Incident3(2016-2017)

 Lesson point was “Let’s be able to do shopping in English.” and “Let’s be able to answer the price of some goods." In our plan, we wanted them to listen and write some sentence which they listened in English but listening CD was so fast and they didn’t understand the mean. We had not listened the CD before the lesson so we were surprised, too.  Also, not only they couldn’t write English sentences perfectly but also didn’t write what they could listen because they didn’t know its spell. They could listened the CD as a sound but couldn’t write it so we thought they could not understand English.We gave an advice from Mr.Yoshikado. He said students can’t write English which they can’t read. So we had better doing writing activity last. We still need to study more. And time management was critical incident. Because of it, students couldn’t change their role in the game. We couldn’t gave them same amount of activity and opportunities to using English. However, there was a good critical incident in the game. That was teaching and supporting each other. A role of shopper had to say, “How much is it?” but not all the students said this phrase. Even if a shopper student couldn’t say so, a customer student helped her like this “How? How mu…??” I did not expect so I was so glad so see these state.  In this way, I had some CI this time. If I have experience teacher practice, I want to think my lesson plan to cooperate with students who are good at English and not each other.