My teaching in Thailand!!!

My teaching in Thailand!!!

Self Introduction

 Hello! My name is Sakura Iwadate. I am 21 years old. I am from Morioka and I have lived here for about 15 years. Also I had  lived in Luxembourg for about two years and went to International school of Luxemburg (ISL).

 Learning English is difficult but it is a tool for me to have a connection to other country, other people who have different cultures. That is why I really like English.

 I am studying in Iwate University because I really want to be an English teacher in Iwate. I want to improve my English skills and teaching skills. Also I want to make friends with foreigners.

 My hobby is reading books and my favorite author is Morimi Tomihiko. Also I like to read English books like Harry Potter series. Recently I really like to watch TV drama of the U.S. The drama called "Walking Dead" and this is the big serese. I rent the DVD from TUTAYA and watch with my sisters. I love the story and also the actors.

In January, I participated Puan Program and went to Thailand. I went to SA school and taught about Tohoku foods in English. During staying Thailand I went many sightseeing spots with my host sister and her friends after school. They taught me many things. Also I went to many temples with my host family in the weekend. I went to large shopping mole too. That was really exciting weekend I have ever done before. I had a great experience there. If you interested me please talk to me!!!

My Development Goals (October 29, 2015→February 14, 2016→October 11, 2016)

My ultimate goal is to learn the way of teaching English
  1. Improve my English skills. To be an English teacher, I have to improve my English skills (writing, speaking, listening and reading). Through ETM4 class, I will do my best in every class to improve them.
  2. Learn new way of teaching English. I had a big experience teaching at Nakano elementary school and Fuzoku JHS.  I learned some way of teaching English in last semester. I will learn what I did not learn before in ETM4.
  3. To share the ideas with other students. I think there are a lot of ways of teaching English. So I want to share of those ideas or methods of teaching English actively.

What  I improved


I think I improved in some ways. First I improved my English skills a little. I thought that I couldn’t do a lesson in all English at Nakano elementary school. But I could do the lesson almost all in English.  Second, I improved my skill that I can do something different from the plan when something what we didn’t expect happen. From my experience, when I taught in Nakano elementary school students I left 5 minutes left and students didn’t understand the lesson well. So I changed the plan and I review what we did one by one. I think that helped students’ understanding. Third, I could learn some new ways to teach English in elementary school from discussion with my friends and also from the lectures.


I improved my teaching skills than before. I learned how to teach to junior high school students. I learned many new ways to teach 4 skills of English  through the class.  Also in this semester, I shared a lot of ideas with other members.  I also felt and thought that teaching junior high school stundents in only English is very difficult. It is important to use Japanese and English in correct moments. I felt this through the teaching practice at Fuzoku JHS.

What I want to improve more

In this semester, I learned many things to teach for elementary school students in fun and meaningful ways. So, now I want to learn the way to teach to junior high school students. When we teach in junior high school we have to teach grammar and that is the most different thing from elementary school. So for that I have to improve my English skills (grammar, speaking, reading etc.) Also I want to improve my teaching skills like time management, speaking clearly and slowly. I want to think about how to teach in junior high school in fun and meaningful way.

I want to improve my teaching skills. I want to do a lesson with doing time management. In teaching practice, I want to think carefully how much time students need to do the activities. Also I want to make all the lessons that fit to students' level and also improve students skills of English.

In teaching practice I experienced a lot that I can not learn in univerisity. From that, I want to look back those experiences in ETM4 and learn what I could do in class. I want to share the others' experinces and want to learn new things from that. Also we learned the way of teaching English in elementary school and junior high school. And we did teaching practice. In ETM4, I want to learn how to do English class in high school. I want to improve my English skills more than now.

My Teaching Philosophy(October 29, 2015→February 14, 2016→July 14, 2016→October 11,2016)

I think English education have to be fun and interesting things. Because I often heard some students said "I really don't like English. We don't need to study it." I know to learn different language is difficult. But if you learn other language and culture, it means you have limitless potential. You can study other culture and also you can make friends with other people from other countries.

So, English education has to be fun and meaningful for every students. I also think that some Japanese English teachers have not enough English skills. I think all of teacher have to have enough knowledge and skills. That is because teachers have to be people who can help their students in many ways. Also I think English lessons have not to one-sided ones. I mean the lesson that the teacher speaks only and students have no chance to speak English is not good. So teacher have to give students many chances to speak, listen, write and read English. To do this, teachers must speak English as much as they can. I learned that if students don't know English well, they try to understand what the teachers say. I experienced that in Thailand but I think it is same in Japan. But, it is not good that teachers speak only English in high speed and do not check that if students understand or not. We have to speak slowly and clearly and use simple words or sentences. Also I think that the visual aids are important method to make the students understand the lesson easily and remember it for a long time with the visual. I think, it is also important for teachers to know the level of students. And from that, teachers have to think the levele of the activities in the lesson. If teachers do not make the activities that do not fit to students, they might confuse. So, teacher must think carefully about the activities use in the lesson. In addition, I think it is really important to make the lessons that all the students in class understand what they are taught in each class.  And characteristic of teachers is imporant.

My Development in 2014 - 2015

In my developement goals, I wrote I want to do fun and meaningful class for both teachers and students. In ETM1 I think I had a very fun and meaningful class. But there are some bad points, so I want to make good use of this experience to do more good class in ETM2.

Critical Incident 1 (Title): Summarize CI here.

 We did the class in 6 grade on a lesson4 which uses many names of buildings. First we did our introduction and gave the students their name card decorated with colorful masking tapes. Then we read a book called "Suddenly" with some help from students. But it was little difficult them to understand the meaning of the story. So we decided to transrate them into Japanese in each page. I think it worked. After that we use text book and pictures of buildings which we drew. We stucked all pictures on the black board in order of the text book. Then we practiced how to say those buildings in English. We said "Repeat after me." each time but Mrs.Terui told us that we don't have to say it all the time because students understand to repeat. When we finished practicing, we explain "crush game" to students to get used to say the new words. It worked well for some students but some other students confused because they forgot how to say those words. Also the order of desks were not same as we imagined and it did not work well for this game. I think I have to make sure the order of desks before class. Finally we left about 5 minutes, so Mrs.Terui used this time for students to say what they felt about our class. I learned that we can use some times to know what students felt our class.

My Developement

In my developement goals, I wrote I want to do fun and meaninful class. I think I did a  fun and meaningful lesson at Nakano elementary school in ETM2.

clitical Incident

We did a lesson in 5 grade on a lesson 8 and we taught the name of the subjects and the days of a week in English. We used picuters of subjects. These were used to make students easy to understand. Also we connected the name of the subjects and gestures. We did some mini games with students and it made students to remember the gestures and the subjects naturally. After we did the subjects, we did the days of a week. We also use the cards for this too. We used a song to make it easy to understand.  At the last, we did the crush game using the cards of days of a week. We really want to do this game with subjects' name but we did not have enough time for that. And also we noticed that students did not remember the words we did. So we changed our plan and review the lesson saying all the words with  gestures. I think it helped them to remined the words.

I think we have to use more English and be careful for the timemanagement. To do that, we have to do more demonstration before doing a lesson. But I noticed that we did a lesson more smoothly than before.

My Developement 2016 July 21

In my developement goals, I wrote I want to improve my English skills and also I want to share the ideas with other members. I think in this semester, I did these things and use them in teaching practice at Fuzoku JHS.

Critical Incident

We did a class at 3-C on a lesson of 'Let's Talk 3'. We taught some new phrases used in shopping. For example 'Would you~?', 'May I help you?' and so on. We did 3 activities and want students to use those new phrases in conversations. But some of those activities were too difficult for the students and it took long time to do and we could not move on to next activity. That is one of the big critical incidents. So we learned that knowing the level of the students before making lesson is really important thing. Also from this critical incident we could not do time management well. It took much time than we planned in activity 2 and we did not enough time to do activity 3 which was the main activity of our lesson. From this we learned that we have to change the activity during the class. That is one of the most important skills for the teachers.

My Developement 2016 October 12

Key words:

  • Make the classes that all the students can understand
  • When the students make same mistakes on handouts

Critical Incident

 In teaching practice at Ueda junior high school, I did lessons of Program 5-1,2,3 and Program 6-1,2,3 of Sunshine new course.    In program5-3, the main point of this unit is  an indirect question. I had thought that this grammar might be difficult for students and I made the lesson plan which has many exercises. Before doing this lesson, I had thought that a few students might raise their hands when I asked the answer of the exercises. But in fact, many students raised their hands even the students never have raised their hands in before classes.From this experience, I learned that pattern practice is an effective way of teaching difficult grammar. And to do this activity, students can answer with confidence.Also, in every classes, I did review last class' main point. And in the 6-1 lesson, the students who have never raised their hands and tried to answer for the question of last class. That was the big critical incident that I had in teaching practice.I learned that review last class is really helpful for students.  Some of the students in class told me that to reveiw last class, they can check if they really understand what they have learned. Also they can remember what they learned in last lesson and connect it to the lesson. From these reasons, some students who have never raised their hands in last class and anwser to question.In every lesson, I made handouts which have many exercises on. And in one of the lesson I did, I saw many same answers which had same mistake on some students' handout.For this critical incident, I picked up the same wrong answer during the lesson and wrote it on the black board. Some students noticed what is wrong and told to the class. And who made this mistake on handout correct that.