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Self Introduction

Hello, I am Shinsuke Saitou. I am from Tochigi. Born and raised. I like sports and music. My hobby is to watch baseball, football and so on. I belong to Junior high school English because  I want to be an English teacher. I want to study English more in class.

My Development Goals(February12,2016)

My ultimate goal is to help students develop communication skills and think problems in theirselves. To accomplish this I should  1 talk with a lot of people. This makes me widening my view. 2 have many experiences in a college student. I think, when I tell someone things, I can't say anything what I don't have experience

I think teacher is role.

1.How have you improved?

I think my Teaching level was higher than before, because I did mock lesson,thinking starategy,making plan to listen and so on. And I started going to speking class in English. I always go there to speak English. Ikeep touching English.

2.How do you want to improve?

I want to improbe teavhing skill by thinking strategy to make student's understanding clearly.I should consider "What is difficult and confusing for children."and I will get techinique. I want to participate in volunteer and grobal program of university,too. 

My Teaching Philosophy(February12,2016)

I think Teaching consists of experience and communication.A teacher role is  to  cause learner to accumulate various experiences and make class studying ideas each other without embarrassment. To accompolish this, teachers should study many things. For example, sports, environment,learning and so on. And they need to explain about communication's importance simply.

I get something new from ETM2. It is teacher should think about children everyday and stand in thire view. "What are they thinking?" "What do they want to do?" and so on.  I got this ideas.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

I went to Nakano ES in first grade. I had English class for the first time. I did reading a character book, demonstrating to use "I use ~", and playing game using "I like~". I think demonstration and the game was good, but reading book was a bit poor. Because when we asked their impression of the book, they didn't react. One student said "Book's contents is hard for me." They can't understand the book. So I should catch to explain contents simply for students.

I went to Nakano ES in December1. We had 5 grades class. We planned the lesson to accomplish it by using week day’s song and Three Hint card game. I think this class is better than first class in Nakano Es on july. But I speak Japanese a lot.Teach is very difficult than my expectation. If teacher use only English, Students can’t understand contents. But class is English, so it is too bad to use Japanese more than English.It is my theam in teaching English.

I went to Fuzoku JHS. I thought it was difficult to teach English than ES students because ES's class is activity but JHS is class.  In this time, I had 2 happening. First, We didn't know student who lived USA. She answered whole question. Other students entrust to answer in her. It's bad circumstance. Second, listenning CD's speed is very fast. I wanted to write down memo but students couldn't write anything. So we stopped each sentence and students answer them. It was good experience for me.