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Self Introduction

Hello,my name is Shintaro Yoshida.When I was a child,I used to play outside everyday.But I seldom play outside now.I want to play baseball,soccer,tennis etc.In addition to it,I like going travel.I often go to Tokyo and buy a lot of closes.I want to go travel all over the world someday.

My Development Goals

My ultimate goal is to tell students about pleasantness of English.I have to do some to accomplish my ultimate goal.First,I have to value leaning from each other through the group work and pair work.Second,I have to plan interesting  classes.This improve student's interest in study. Through the experience of Nakano elementary school, I learned importance of English activities. And I learned importance of gestures. So I want to use gestures positively and I want to think a great deal of English activities. I would like to help the students make sense of English and I would like to enjoy with the students. Through the experience of Fuzoku JHS, I think interesting classes are very important. Because interesting classes make student active. I think positive learning make good class , so I want to make interesting class.

My Teaching Philosophy

I think English should be taught with communication.It is important for students to communicate with each other.In the classroom,some students are good at studying English,the other are not good at studying English.So they should learn from each other.As a result,student's English abilities will gradually develop. When I went to Nakano elementary school, I found that teacher can’t teach them without seeing reactions of students. If teacher don’t see reactions of them, they will find it difficult to understand the class. So, I try to give my lesson while seeing reactions of them. When I went to Fuzoku JHS, I found that teacher's instruction is very important before activities. If the teacher doesn't instruct the student, they don't know what to do. In fact, our instruction was not good when we did Freer activity. So Mr.Yoshikado said you had better instruct more before we do activities. This is why, teacher's instruction is very important.  

My Development in 2014 - 2015

I learned a lot of things as an English teacher through ETMⅡ. For example, how to listening lesson, conversation skills, expression of my thought, how to lesson plan. Especially, I went to Nakano elementary school twice. I didn’t know how to teach the students before I went to Nakano elementary school. Through this experience, I could communicate our idea with my group. And I made the class with my friends. I found it difficult to make the class and I felt sense of accomplishment. My teaching skill could develop more. I learned a lot of things as an English teacher through Fuzoku JHS lesson. For example, the importance of instruction before activity, the importance of roll playing etc. And we did mock lesson many times. I learned the importance of preparing. Through this experience, I could communicate our idea with my group. My teaching skill could develop more.

Our goal is to be able to say “Turn right” when their friends or someone are in trouble about the guidance.We tried to communicate with my students.We prepared name cards,word cards,but we couldn’t prepare place cards.So we drew a picture on a blackboared.I thought the picture was difficult for students to understand .On the other hand,we have enough time to teach the student.First,we did introducing ourselves to understand us.Second,we did pre-reading activity .Then,the student said “Suddenly” together.At the first time,we only read the book.Next,the student read the book with us,but we did not have a enough time to explain pre-reading activity.So,the voices of students was weak.We must have practiced to read the book many times.In addition to it,we should have praised the student more.For example,we should have said “good job” “great” “good work” etc. Complication There are some incidents I did not plan.For example,my students were slow to react a little.This is our problem.Our skill was not enough to teach the student.When response of students were slow to react a little,I couldn’t do nothing for them.I want to consider to work out countermeasures by the time I teach the Nakano Elementary School again.On the other hand,pair work of the student also was negative a little.We should have took a communication with each other. Results We had a problem that the response of students were slow to react a little.So,we communicated with the student with a smile and we helped the pair work positive.As a result,the student could do the pair work and pre-reading activity with their smile.I want to learn skills as a teacher and I want to teach well more.