It's me.

It's me.

Self Introduction

Hello, my name is Shizuka Yoshida.  I'm from Hatinohe, Aomori. I live in Morioka. I was born on September 15th, 1995, so I am twenty years old now.  I have a brother. He is 6 years older than me.

I like reading books and listening to music. I also like playing the instruments. I have been learning piano since the age of 4. When I have time, I often play the piano. When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to brass band club and I played the drums. I want to be an English teacher in the futere, and I like English.

My Development Goals (October 16, 2015→February 12, 2016→August 5, 2016)

My ultimate goal is to be able to teach English in a way that is easy to understand in a lively atmosphere. To accomplish this I should
  • Study English more and learn the method of teaching. I must study to conduct an easy-to-understand class.
  • Think about students' thoughts. It is important to think on the level of students.
  • Device the way of teaching. To consider a lot if there are the points that can improve helps make the easy-to-understand class.
I learned a lot of methods but I must practice these methods more. In listening class, I tried some methods, but I found many points to improve. First, I need to device the explanation such as the way of teaching the answer or the meaning of a word. Second, I need to use more English. I have to device the class to get the students to understand. For example, I can use pictures or gesture. I experienced both position of a teacher and a student. I realized students’ thoughts a little. I want to make use of this experience next time.   I learned many methods and experienced teaching at junior high school. I could think of many teaching ideas and simulate the class. And I am getting used to instruct students. I could use the blackboard to conduct the easy-to-understand class. I could pay attention to students better than I used to be. But I still cannot see students well. I need to see students and deal with the problem depending on circumstances. I could make worksheets using Word. I still use Japanese when students do not seem to understand. I have to practice saying in other words in English to conduct the class in English. I managed to finish teaching at fuzoku JHS thanks to my group members' help. I want to be able to deal with critical insidents by myself in teachig practice.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

My Teaching Philosophy (October 16, 2015→February 12, 2016→August 5, 2016)

I think three things are important in teaching English.
  • First thing is to conduct an easy-to-understand class. Explanations and directions that is easy to understand are needed to get students to understand. I want to speak with jesture at the difficlt point. To conduct such class, analyzing students' needs and changing the class accordingly are necessary.
  • Second is to make many chances for students to speak and weite English. I think it is not enough only to memorise the sentenses of the textbooks. It is very important for them to practice sending their own thoughts. I want them to be able to communicate with people in English.
  • Third is to make lively atmosphere. I want students to enjoy learning English. I want to do many interesting activities such as enjoyable games and English songs.
I have to predict the students’ reaction and devise the class more. I should conduct the class seeing and adapting their reaction. I am confused when their reaction is different from my prediction, but I should change my plan according to the circumstances without confusion. After the listening class, I thought learning in groups is good. It enables them to make up for their understanding.   I thought relation of each activity is important because students can learn with vision toward the goal. I have to give students appropriate hints or say in other words when they do not understand to conduct an easy-to-understand class. It is important to react to students and praise them  because they can gain confidence.The students at fuzoku JHS wrote that they were happy when I praised them in English in their workshhts.

In my development goals, I wrote about the kind of ability I want to get in ETM.

Critical Incident 1 : CI report in Nakano elementary school July 23th

Our goal is that students can say what they like using the expression "I like~." We play Symon Says Game. After that, we read the book "Hats!" twice. Next, we played the card game.

I had three incidents I did not plan but happened in class. First, students participated in our class more positively and lively than I expected before the class. Second it is about reading. Third, it is about the card game.

Critical Incident2(December 1, 2015)

I went to Nakano elementary school and taught the name of subjects and day of the week. Our goal was that the students could say their favorite subject and the day of the week.

I had three incidents. First the students' reaction in the song was different from our prediction. Second we had trouble in game. We noticed our game had a defect after the game was started. Third we had no time to do the last activity.

Critical Incident 3: July 12

I went to Fuzoku junior high school and our goal was that the students can explain the rule of evacuation drills with the expression "must." After we did listening activity and reading practice, we did the activity about evacuation drills.

I had 3 incidents. First, in the activity, the students gave the opinions that we had not expected. Second we had some time left.  Third the students did not read with a big gesture.