Shooting Syuto

Shooting Syuto

Self Introduction

My name is Syuto Oikawa. Syuto sounds like shoot, and I play basketball. You can remember me easily. That's why, my hobby is basketball, and  I do boxing and play the guiter. Syuto means "studying man" in japanese, but I don't like to be a only studying man.  To be precise, I don't like typical Japanese learning style because I do not like to sit down long time.  I would like to be a teacher, so I have to be a "studying teaching man". I'm from Maesawa of Oshu city,  Iwate. Special product is Maesawa high quality beef.. It makes me happy and powerful. You should eat it. My home town is not urban ,but I like. Myparents are teacher,and my brother is also teacher. I think I also can be like them. Recently, I'm intereted in PC. Of course I can use it and enjoy, however, I'm not good at it. That's why, now I' m challenging myself to it. I hope someone, who are knowledgeable about computers, would teach me. Nice to meet you.

My Teaching Philosophy

I think that teaching is to create a good environment for the children. Children can grow up if they didn't come to school. However, they can grow up better, spending with us and their friends. Teachers should hide a lot of hints for thinking in the class and their schoollife. It's just like a game creater of RPG. Children are players of the game. there are a lot of rules to enjoy the game, and we have to watch their movements not to disturb order. We should make it enjoyable not them to be bored. Sometimes we make chance to communicate with other players ,and sometimes we make special stage for a student. We should try our bests to make their  irreplaceable experiences. However, we have to take care that life is not a game. There are a lot of errors we can't expect. We only can control environment in school ,but we can teach them to change their own environment. I can't summarize clearly ,but I think that my learning gets better to change the environment. Each students has each way to study which suits them, so we teachers have to change how to teach on the spot. That is why, when we see students, we should not stereotype. We cannot change the world or the society for one students, so we have to tell how to live on with this world. It does not mean that we should be patient anytime. That's why, we sholud teach that we can change the wolrd if we cooperate with each othar. We should tell to students about what is study and what is fun of studying. If only teaches knowledge of English, it is not a teacher.

My Development Goals (October 29, 2015→Febrary 12, 2016→October 18, 2016)

     My ultimate goal is to make many able person rather than me through teaching to students ,and I want to contribute to Japan, and the world.

Three subgoals

  1. To make interesting English class

     I'd like to make simple and clear class. It doesn't mean easy class. I think it is similer to computer programming. Students can understand what I  should do anytime. If I can make this class, Students can learn English by themselves.

     2. To continue to teach as long as possible

     The more I work, the more I can make a difference. That's why, I should be healthy and be with students anytime.

     3. To be a top English teacher in Iwate

     Finally, I want to be a top of the world ,but I start at Iwate. I'd like to keep studying until I reach the point. (Oct. 29, 2015)

     My goal has changed through ETM3 and ETM Plus. One goal is that to be a tacher who let students do activities. It does not mean to compel students to study. I hope they try to study or join English activities spontaneously.(Feb. 12 2016)

     I would like to add other goals because by experience of taching practice, my idea has changed. My new development goal is that to make classes which students have much time to use English.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

Critical Incidents (In Nakano Elementaly School 2015)
My critical incidents were so good things. I thought that they don't like English and our plan for class was too dificult for them. However, they tried to listen to our English and they understood contents of a picture book. Then, I noticed they don't like English so much and they have interest for English. That's why, I think we should try not to lose their interest to English.
CI (In Nakano Elementary School 2 2015)
My critical incident were two. One was that they coud not understand our instruction. The other was that I could not use or choose classroom English clearly. Solutions I thought were three, to know students level, to use simple and same expressions to an action, to add gestures.
CI(In Fuzoku Junior High 2016)
I was surprised big difference of level of each students. We should have prepared advices for any students. I understood that we have to consider their parsonnal situations. I think our this class was too systematic and  boring. Especially, the way to make pairs, it was only pairwork. That's why, We have to think about groupwork. Furthermore, we could not concider about situations in this class. Of course, We gave a situation, but it lacks inevitability. This is a task for me.
CI(In Midorigaoka Elementary 2016 teaching practice)
When we did shopping game, I had not explained how to sar reaction words because I thought it was difficult. However, a student said "Nice T-shirt!" . From this, I noticed two things. One was that students can learn English from only teacher's English. It proves using English in clasroom is effective. The other was I should have explained about reaction more clearly. If I did so, more students can say that. I could not have enough time to practice expressions. In addition to, that was only pair, so I have to think efficient and effective group lesson.