This is me!

This is me!

Self Introduction

Hello, I'm Yoshihiro Takahashi, and it's nice to be here. I'm from Ichinoseki in Iwate. It's my favorite place. It is the thired largest population in Iwate. Of course, the most is Morioka. My favorite thing is music. I like singing and playing the guitar. I'm joinning a band. My band's name is Hungry13. It's a melodic punk band. We sing original songs. I'm vocal and guitar. Sometimes, we play at rock club. I'm happy if you come to see.

I'm here to be English teacher. I think English is difficult, but interesting. I would like to tell students enjoying about English. I want students to like English.

My Development Goals(October 30 2015 → July 12, 2016)

My ultimate goal is to have a perfect commmand of English. It is difficult to be perfect. It probably needs speaking, listening or learning. They will surely help I accomplish my ultimate goal.

My sub-goals should help my ultimate goal. 1. It is to be English teacher.

■ If I become an English teacher, I'll be helpful for someone to use English.

2.passing the English Proficiency Test

■  If I will pass it, it shows I'm good at English.

3. It's to study abroad.

■ If I have never gone to abroad, maybe I don't know "real" English. I think it's not good. It's important to listen, look, know and feel.

4. Make a freind of international.

■ I want  freind of American. That can increase to use English in conversation. I would like to knowing Foreign country's life style, culture, food, and history. They probably tell me that.

These are my sub-goals. Thank you.

Red text is new.

My Teaching Philosophy(October 30, 2015 → September21, 2016)

I think students should enjoy English. It is important to understand easily. English needs that students are interested in English or foreign countries, for example culture, history or language, and study that by themselves. I want them to like English. Teachers give them not only grammar or knowledge, but also something students will be interested in. A goal is all students will be good at English. It should be no difference between students who are good at English and students who are not good  at English. Through learning about English, if students have motivation to study many things, there is significance to learn about English. In addition, through larning about English, they can look back their mother tongue. They can notice difference in both of countries. I think that students not only need to understand wards, meaning, and pronunciation but also use English actually. It is importnt to be active using knowledge of larning in classes. I understood preparing a class so much, I can make a good class lesson and students listen. I thought that a teacher is demanded for skill to understand not only easily but also enjoyably. I understand that students can learn effectively moving their body or using their brains. If students don’t listen to my instruction, I don’t speak. I wait for students notice me. I reminded them when they had bad attitude. I have a lot of experience at Kuroishino JHS. I know how it is difficult to make a class lesson. But I know sense of accomplishment. Through Teaching Practice, I know my good point and bad point. I want to decrease my bad point and increase my good point.

My Development in 2014 - 2016

Through ETM1, I learned about teaching. When I went Nakano elementary school, I teached students for the first time. It is difficult for me to teach English. But students heard teaching seriously. So I was happy. I thought even though this not good teaching, students regard me as teacher. I felt a responsibility. And I thought I'll be a good teacher.

Critical Incident 1 : My Experienced

1. Orientation

We introduced ourselves in English. We used a word “like”. I said “Hi! I’m Yoshihiro. I like hats, Nice hat, Great hat, and Awesome hat.”

Then we read a book about hats.

Next,we played with Karuta. We made a point of communication and enjoying.

Finally, after playing, we let them introduce themselves used by “like~”. And we let some students introduce in front of them. After that, we told them our messages. We have thought that it is important to learn English enjoyably.

Critical Incident 2 (December 1 2015, Nakano ES): Our group’s goal is “Learn about subjects and the day of the week enjoyably.We made the gestures of subjects to know how to say the words of subjects enjoyably. Students can’t remember subject’s name. They can’t remember Calligraphy, Home Economics or Social Studies many times. It is a difficult word. We had to lesson many times.If we prepare a class so much, we can make a good class and students listen our class.Through this class, I can know my good point and bad point. I want to decrease my bad point and increase my good point.

Critical Incident 3 (July 12, 2016, HJHS): Our critical incident is student’s answer. When students tell us their ideas, we predicted the answer. But their answers were not our prediction. We write their ideas on the black board. There are many ideas. So the black board was filled in character. Seeing at the black board was probably hard. This is Critical Incident. There is one more CI. The students could understand our instruction quickly. Our class went very smooth. So it was hard to manage schedule. CI report in Teaching Practice(August22-September21, 2016, KJHS): There were many students to understand my teaching but there were many students couldn’t understand it. It’s big difference of ability in the classes. I felt it’s difficult for me that all students are understood. Sometimes, they didn’t listen to my instruction. Some students talked in whisper. Some students finished tasks quickly but some students were slowly. They were so friendly. Sometimes they had bad attitude for me. They slept when they felt my teaching was boring. When they felt my teaching was enjoyable, they focused on class lesson.