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Self Introduction

Hello. Myname is yuuki  hishinuma.My friends call me "hissy". I was born insenndai in miyagi.And I enroll in IWTE university. I played soccer untill high school. I like soccer very well.  My goal is Active and  Positive mental. Now I am belongiong to dance sarcle "SHIDOROMODORO" It is very fun and refreshing for me to play danceing. Now, I wonder which I want to be a teacher or officer. I think I want to serch for this answer in  university.

My Development Goals

In junior high scool student, My junior high school teachr names"sinnya" scold me.Because I was dengerous and claizy.Usually I disputed my friends. However, I thought I cange in mi life. i thought turning point was his saying. He said that "you usually not settle,not study and join my classes. taht students not have to school. School is place in order to study. Do you want to be a famous? Do you want to be a clever? Do you want to preasure your parents? First, you have to study,study and study very hard. Second, you practice your hobby and  sports. "Strive"is very important. And  I thought you can your dreams." I am bereaving his saying now.And I think his saying was current. this is how, Iwant to be a teacher  how lead students and provide students of  dreams. And  I want takeover him.

My Teaching Philosophy (October, 2016)

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I think  english is global language. so we must speak english smoothly. First, if we teach students English in class, we have to speak all time. Not speak japanese. It is important for students to   be accustomed to speaking English. we speak english then, students listen to english.If  this patturn repeats many times, students will speak English.  Listning is important. Second, students have to talk to native . Native speaking English   is very important. If  syudents talk to native, students can listen, speak  and feel about English language. In order to learn and taught English, We have to be used to talk English .  

My Teaching Philosophy(February, 2017)

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My Teaching Philosophy

My Development in 2014 - 2015


In summer , I went to NAKANO junior high school to teach ehnglish.

At first , I'm nervous  about teaching English students. my group  titlle is "I LIKE..."

This class's goal is "speaking English this sentence."

first, we spoke picture books in English.this content is "I like..."

Second,  we make students repeat this sentence.

this working is that wemake students be used to speak "I like...".

Thisis is how, students could speak English "I like...".

This events  effected me English teaching.

How to teach is important students to learn English.